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Finest Detail in Every Organ1

Biograph mCT Flow2 provides images of unique clarity, in a single scan, for every patient without compromising efficiency. By using FlowMotion technology as the guiding principle, Siemens has transformed PET/CT imaging acquisition from its origins of bed-based imaging. Setting the new standard for the future of PET/CT.

Industry’s Finest Volumetric Resolution1
Biograph mCT Flow with its OptisoHD detection system optimizes each component of the imaging chain. From the design of the isotropic LSO crystals to the high-speed electronics and the industry’s best 400 x 400 reconstruction matrix,1 the result is the finest NEMA1 and volumetric image accuracy.1

Virtually Freeze Motion
HD•Chest is a breakthrough technology that eliminates the tradeoff between diagnostic confidence and examination time. Through an innovative combination of hardware and software, HD•Chest virtually freezes respiratory motion, enabling full HD lesion detection and accurate standard uptake value (SUV) quantification.

Precise Organ Imaging
Biograph mCT Flow revolutionizes PET/CT imaging acquisition by overcoming engineering challenges to offer the world’s only FlowMotion PET acquisition, eliminating the need for bed-based imaging. As a result, examination parameters such as speed, image resolution and motion management can be easily adjusted to the precise dimensions of organs and routinely incorporated into a single scan for every patient. Best of all, with FlowMotion technology, physicians can have increased diagnostic confidence without adversely impacting patient schedules.


In addition, the Biograph mCT Flow is also indicated for low dose CT cancer screening. It can be leveraged as a shared service model to support screening efforts to drive operational efficiencies to reduce patient wait times and enable scheduling flexibility— ultimately to improve patient outcomes and support additional downstream revenue streams.

Return on Innovation


Integration of HD•Chest Supports Detection of Small Lesions
The five-year survival rate for NSCLC may more than double if caught earlier, benefiting up to 85% of lung cancer patients.3 FlowMotion simplifies integration of HD•Chest into every scan. Motion management can improve lesion resolution in areas impacted by respiratory motion supporting detection of small lesions.

Hi-Rez Increases Accuracy
Improved accuracy can change patient management in up to 40% of head and neck cancer cases.4 FlowMotion technology additionally provides simple incorporation of Hi-Rez into the PET scan protocols. This PET reconstruction with the industry’s highest1 400x400 matrix can increase resolution potentially resulting in improved detection.


25 Percent Scan Time Reduction
Biograph mCT Flow with FlowMotion enables organ-focused protocols in a single scan without limitations of bed positions. Conventional PET/CT systems require a two scan protocol that includes a whole-body onesize- fits-all scan followed by a respiratory gated scan of the chest. FlowMotion’s organ-focused single-scan protocol reduces scan time up to 25 percent over conventional multi-scan protocols.

Improved Image Quality May Speed Up Interpretation Time
Siemens leads the way in image quality.5 With FlowMotion every scan can provide the finest detail1 for every organ. Improved visualization of lesions may reduce the time it takes to interpret the image with confidence and reduce over-reads.


Improving Lesion Detection Supports a More Accurate Diagnosis
Improving lesion detection can reduce false negative results and can limit exposure to costly malpractice suits.6 Having the ability to produce images with the finest detail1 for every organ enables better lesion delineation for a more confident interpretation. In addition, the ability to provide better image and report quality increases referrals.

Improved Accuracy Reduces Re-scans
The ability to provide the finest detail1 for every organ in every scan with FlowMotion improves accuracy and may reduce costly re-scans; as well as, their negative financial impact. Furthermore, delivering accurate results with Biograph mCT Flow can reduce the need for additional exams and procedures.


1Based on volumetric resolution available in competitive literature for systems greater than 70 cm bore size. Data on file.

2Biograph mCT Flow and Biograph mCT Flow Edge are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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5IMV 2011 US PET Image Quality Survey Results & IMV 2011 European PET Image Quality Survey Results 

6Rodrigues, et al. 2009. J Nucl Med. 50:1205-1213

Accurate Quantification in All Dimensions

The new Biograph mCT Flow is the first-and-only PET/CT scanner to provide consistent quantitative accuracy throughout the entire image, helping to make a difference in diagnostic confidence, therapy planning and early treatment monitoring.

FlowMotion Uniformity
Biograph mCT Flow is the world’s first PET/CT scanner to offer improved axial noise sensitivity. By continuously moving the patient through the detection system, FlowMotion technology eliminates overlapping bed acquisitions and maintains uniform axial noise sensitivity across the entire scan range. Building on proven in-plane quantitative accuracy, FlowMotion expands precise quantifiable results to all dimensions.

Daily Normalization
Biograph mCT Flow’s automatic quality check process is designed to help assure that performance is consistent and measurements are accurate day after day. With Quanti•QC, users can begin each day knowing that overnight the scanner’s quantitative accuracy was automatically verified, and more importantly, normalized and precisely calibrated to the proper specifications. In addition, the tightly regulated water-cooled gantry helps ensure system temperature stability for consistent performance.

Accurate Attenuation Correction
Biograph mCT Flow employs a unique cantilevered patient handling system where the pedestal and table move as one unit, eliminating differential deflection between PET and CT. Auto Cardiac Registration automatically aligns CT and PET images and reduces variability between users. And, Siemens novel SMART Neuro AC enables attenuation correction of neurological PET data without a CT scan.


Return on Innovation



Improve Quantitative Accuracy to the Edge
Quantitative accuracy to the edge of the field of view is achieved with FlowMotion techno- logy. Due to the improved noise charac- teristics, the SUV bias is reduced and quantitative accuracy to the edge is impro- ved. Siemens Biograph mCT Flow is the only PET/CT system to achieve this noise uniformity to the edge. This enables a more confident interpretation for organs such as the brain.

Precise Quantification Enables Early Decisions
Stop-and-go PET/CT imaging requires bed overlap to overcome sensitivity loss and increased noise at the edge of each bed. Too little overlap with conventional technologies can lead to inconsistencies in SUVmax. FlowMotion makes bed overlap a thing of the past. Precise quantification achieved with FlowMotion enables early treatment decisions that allow patients to avoid side effects from ineffective therapies.



Quanti•QC Reduces Quantitative Variability
Biograph mCT Flow provides automatic daily scanner quality control and calibration. The system utilizes 11 tests every day to correct for system variability that may result from external environmental sources, such as humidity or inherent detector drift over time. Quanti•QC helps assure the system is performing as accurately and reproducibly as possible every single day.

One-click Tumor Trending
syngo®.via provides a comprehensive suite of oncology tools for quantitative tumor assessment. syngo.MM Oncology enables the ability to perform PERCIST measurements; as well as, one-click tumor trending to provide a snapshot of tumor progressions or regression as a response to therapy. This intuitive client-server-based product solution brings the quantitative capabilities of the Biograph mCT Flow to daily clinical routine.


Save the Cost of Ineffective Therapies

The financial burden of cancer treatment can exceed USD $92,000 per year6. Biograph mCT Flow accurately and quantitatively enables physicians to monitor response to therapy and allows for early decisions regarding therapy effectiveness. The ability to save the cost of ineffective therapies can have a significant financial impact on both hospitals and patients.

Grow Beyond Oncology

syngo.via provides quantitative applications for imaging both amyloid plaque burden in the brain and absolute myocardial blood flow of the heart with syngo.PET Amyloid Plaque7 and syngo.PET Myocardial Blood Flow (MBF), respectively.8 The ability to image both neurology and cardiology patients enables expansion of PET services beyond oncology. The ability to provide quantitative reports for oncology, neurology and cardiology makes it possible to attract more referring physicians.


6High Price of Cancer Drugs Is Harming Patients. Medscape Medical News Web site. Accessed May 10, 2013.
7syngo.PET Amyloid Plaque is intended for use only with approved amyloid radiopharmaceuticals in the country of use. Users should review the drug labeling for approved uses.
8These applications are part of syngo.MI Neurology and syngo.MI Cardiology, respectively.

Minimum Dose and Maximum Speed

Biograph mCT Flow offers innovative solutions that allow the lowest dose to be administered, while still scanning patients faster than ever before. Now clinicians can have it all–scans with half the dose and double the speed. And by reducing dose and increasing speed, patient safety and utilization are improved while costs are dramatically reduced.

Low Dose CARE
With CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure), Siemens has been highly successful in integrating many innovations that significantly reduce radiation dose.

SAFIRE (Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction) allows up to a 60% dose reduction9 by utilizing raw-data-based iterative reconstruction. Finally CARE kV, the only automated CT voltage setting technology, optimizes the contrast-to-noise-ratio to reduce dose by up to 60%.

Eliminating Over-Scanning
FlowMotion takes Siemens CARE commitment to the next level by allowing physicians to precisely and continuously plan and scan only the desired areas. As a result, only the targeted tissue is irradiated, completely eliminating over-scanning and the associated CT dose.

One Click FAST Planning

Utilizing FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies) innovations, time consuming and manual scanning procedures are now simplified and automated to improve workflow efficiency and feature utilization while optimizing the overall clinical outcomes. FlowMotion also eliminates the complexity of configuring, adjusting and optimizing individual bed positions through a simple, one-click setup.

Five-minute Scan
The new Biograph mCT Flow, coupled with TrueV, is the only solution that enables continuous scanning at twice the speed of conventional PET/CT imaging. Thanks to the 30% wider axial FOV of 21.6 cm– the largest in the PET/CT industry,10– a 70% increase in count rate performance is realized.


Return on Innovation


Zero CT Overscan
FlowMotion technology provides complete flexibility in range planning for zero CT over- scan and lowers radiation dose to reduce risk from ionizing radiation.

Breath-hold Lung Scanning
Biograph mCT Flow has the ability to perform breath-hold lung scans with a table acquisition speed of 10 mm/sec. The resulting motion-free respiratory image may improve lesion delineation.

Two Times Scan Speed
Biograph mCT Flow with TrueV boosts scan speed up to two times. This shortens the scan time to reduce motion and may improve image accuracy.


ALARA Dose for Every Patient
ALARA dose with FlowMotion for every patient with 60 percent less time-consuming user interactions than conventional imaging. The complexity of bed-based planning requires additional setup. This complexity is overcome with the CT-like planning workflow achieved with FlowMotion.


Up to 50% Radioisotope Cost Reduction
The ability to offer PET/CT imaging with reduced dose may attract more patients. In addition to marketing low dose to patients, lower dose can be beneficial from a radioisotope cost perspective. Biograph mCT Flow with TrueV enables up to a 50 percent radioisotope cost reduction for increased profitability.

Double Revenue with Two Times Faster Scan
Biograph mCT Flow with TrueV boosts scan speeds by up to two times. The prospect of doubling throughput and thereby doubling revenue makes TrueV an option that builds profitability.

Reduce User Error and Re-scan Cost
Simple CT-like planning enabled by FlowMotion provides an intuitive user interface and faster scan speeds. Easy planning may reduce user errors that lead to costly patient re-scans.


9In clinical practice, the use of Iterative Reconstruction may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice.
A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.
10Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file.

Open Comfort for All Patients11

The Biograph mCT Flow PET/CT is designed to be a true patient-centric solution that helps healthcare providers accommodate a wider range of patients and improve their levels of satisfaction and increases business growth.

Maximizing Patient Base
Engineered for clinical flexibility and growth, Biograph mCT Flow features a large 78 cm bore, short tunnel and a 227 kg (500 lb) table capacity to improve patient comfort and accessibility. Additional features like a powerful 100 kW CT generator, which provides ample X-ray power for high-quality imaging, and HD field of view (FoV), which improves image quality beyond the standard CT diagnostic FoV, make bariatric PET imaging more accurate.

A Continuous Experience

Biograph mCT Flow is the first-and-only PET/CT scanner to combine a large 78 cm bore with FlowMotion’s continuous sense of scan progress, and the ability to accommodate virtually all patients11 and procedures. Furthermore, FlowMotion’s continuous scan progress helps to not only prevent patient anxiety, but also improve image quality by eliminating motion artifacts resulting from unexpected table motion. Now the best PET/CT experience can be offered to virtually every patient11 every time while potentially increasing referrals and improving patient satisfaction scores.

Maximize Modality Performance

The Biograph mCT Flow PET/CT is engineered as a true dual-modality scanner that integrates the highest performance of both PET and CT modalities, eliminating the need for a patient to schedule two examinations. Available in CT configurations of up to 128 acquired slices per rotation, it offers the capability of whole-body CT scans in just 10 seconds and whole-body PET scans in as little as five minutes. Moreover, Biograph mCT Flow transforms a single room into a fast, dual-modality scanning facility. Now comprehensive diagnostic CT and PET imaging can be offered with one room, one team and one integrated system. Such clinical flexibility saves precious hospital space, cost and patient time while maximizing dual-modality utilization, enhancing the patient experience and enabling business growth.

Return on Innovation


Sense of Progress Reduces Surprise
The stop-and-go movement of bed-based PET/CT imaging can startle patients and lead to motion that causes artifacts in the image. FlowMotion gives patients a continuous sense of progress during the entire scan and eliminates patient motion errors cau- sed by unexpected bed movement in stop-and-go imaging.

Single-Scanner Dual-Modality Imaging
Biograph mCT Flow is built with the Siemens SOMATOM® Definition and Definition Edge CT platforms for premium CT imaging in PET/CT scanner, enabling improved diagnostic confidence and patient convenience by combining the two exams. Combining two exams into one reduces the number of patient visits to achieve the same result in a single dual-modality scanner.


78 cm Bore

The large 78 centimeter bore provides greater access to the patients. This enables faster patient setup and accommodates positioning devices for radiation therapy planning and simulation.

HD•Cardiac Reduces Setup Time by 50%
Achieve single-trigger dual-gating with Biograph mCT Flow and HD•Cardiac. HD•Cardiac eliminates the need to setup a respiratory trigger device; therefore, preparation time is reduced up to 50 percent.

One-Stop-Shop PET/CT and Premium CT
Combined premium PET and CT platforms of Biograph mCT Flow can perform diagnostic CT scans as well as PET/CT scans. This one-stop approach eliminates the need for patients to have a separate exam scheduled for a diagnostic CT, also eliminated is the associated wait time and scan time.


Increase Patient Satisfaction
Elimination of stop-and-go scanning may improve patient satisfaction. Increased patient satisfaction may add referrals. This is increasingly important as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey is now tied to reimbursement dollars, with a penalty of falling short up to 2%12.

Increase Scanning of Bariatric Patients
Obesity is a global problem and on the rise. The large 78 cm bore and SMART PHS can accommodate patients up to 227 kg (500 lb). Increasing bariatric imaging capabilities can provide up to a 12% boost in imaging volume.13

A Single Offering for PET/CT and CT

Perform both PET/CT and CT exams with a single integrated scanner. Biograph mCT Flow has this performance capability to meet the needs for both types of scans. This single-scanner dual-modality approach reduces operating costs associated with two separate systems and increases revenue potential.


11Patients up to 227kg (500 lb)



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