Biograph Horizon
Premium PET/CT technology with a minimal investment.

Biograph Horizon
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Siemens' PET/CT Technology Foundation

The finer points of a high-quality image

The value of PET/CT in patient care is in the details—more precise information leads to greater potential for an earlier diagnosis and a more definitive treatment strategy.

Our PET/CT technology foundation delivers excellent lesion detectability, spatial resolution and quantification accuracy. With this distinct level of quality and reproducibility, you can bring the standard of care to more patients.

The crystals
Siemens’ unique LSO crystals are grown in-house for consistent quality. Compared to BGO crystals1, they scintillate faster and have a higher light output, providing better image quality and enabling Time-of-Flight.

The detector
The smaller the crystals, the sharper the image. Biograph Horizon2’s OptisoHD detectors feature LSO crystals cut into 4 mm elements and arranged with no gaps between detector blocks to provide very high spatial resolution and lesion visualization.

Biograph Horizon’s LSO-based detectors and high-speed electronics support Time-of-Flight2 for improved signal-to-noise ratio. This enables faster scans, lower injected dose and better image quality.

World-class CT
Siemens’ market-leading CT technologies further enhance your imaging capabilities. They also give you the ability to scan a wider variety of patients and more fully utilize your system. For example, SAFIRE2 lowers dose by up to 60%3, and iMAR2 reduces metal artifacts.

System Highlights

Time-of-FlightUp to 200% improvement in signal-to-noise ratio and image contrast
UltraHD•PET2 + TrueVA combination of technologies that offers the potential for 5-minute and 5 mCi PET scans
SAFIRECT iterative reconstruction for up to 60% lower dose
Bariatric Imaging and Long Scan RangeWide pallet supports up to 227 kg (500 lbs) and allows 2 m scan ranges
Exclusive Bed DesignZero differential deflection between PET and CT for accurate attenuation correction, and TG-66 compliant for radiation therapy
Shortest4 Tunnel130 cm tunnel improves patient comfort and allows more room for patient positioning
TrueV2TrueV increases the axial field of view to enable two-times faster scans or half the injected dose, as well as more coverage, without compromising image quality
Integrated Cardiac and Respiratory Gating2All gating inputs are built into the patient table for fast patient setup
4 MM LSO CrystalsBetter image quality and greater NEMA spatial resolution than BGO crystals4

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1Pepin, et al (2004). Properties of LYSO and Recent LSO Scintillators for Phoswich PET Detectors. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 51, 3.


3In clinical practice, the use of SAFIRE may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. The following test method was used to determine a 54-60% dose reduction when using SAFIRE reconstruction software: Noise, CT numbers, homogeneity,

4Based on competitive literature available at the time of publication. Data on file.