Biograph Horizon
Premium PET/CT technology with a minimal investment.

Biograph Horizon
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With its low total cost of ownership, the Biograph Horizon can help you add premium PET/CT to your service line while keeping costs in check—both during installation and in daily clinical practice. Standardize clinical outcomes with protocol based exams and automation of manual tasks and leverage PET’s high image quality and quantitative accuracy to support earlier staging of disease and therapy follow-up.

Reach more patients

Clinical Versatility
Use all commercially available PET tracers to address a broader range of oncology, neurology and cardiac indications. With premium LSO-based detectors and available Time-of-Flight technology, you can go beyond the capabilities of BGO-based1 PET/CT scanners for high count-rate applications.

Catch smaller lesions, earlier
Biograph Horizon’s high image quality supports early identification of distant metastasis, leading to a more accurate disease staging. These factors can help physicians determine an effective treatment strategy, reducing costs and patient side effects related to ineffective therapies.

To help you visualize small lesions, Biograph Horizon features a combination of technologies that enhance image quality and productivity. This can also support a more effective care pathway for lung cancer patients: When it is incorporated into the initial evaluation for lung cancer, PET/CT can help clinicians accurately stage disease and evaluate therapy response. In addition, the Biograph Horizon is also indicated for low dose CT cancer screening. It can be leveraged as a shared service model to support screening efforts to drive operational efficiencies to reduce patient wait times and enable scheduling flexibility— ultimately to improve patient outcomes and support additional downstream revenue streams.

syngo.via for Molecular Imaging
syngo.via® offers a suite of automated tools to instantly visualize diagnostic information, measure with confidence and report more comprehensively across a number of applications.

For example, with EQ•PET2 you can normalize SUV measurements across different scanners throughout your patients’ extended treatment plan for more precise calculation of changes in tumor uptake.

Do more with your time

Enhanced Productivity
Help your staff focus on what matters most: your patients. Biograph Horizon offers protocol-based exams to support a more standardized workflow and is equipped with built-in capabilities that automate routine tasks.

A better workflow can lead to more satisfied patients
New efficiencies do more than free up staff time and reduce costs. They are seen and felt by the patients who have a simpler, faster, more positive experience at your facility. Biograph Horizon streamlines your day-to-day work, giving you more time to focus on your patients.

syngo.via offers up to 45%3 faster processing
Start reading your cases right away. syngo.via automates pre-fetching, pre-processing, and display and comparison of previous findings. And syngo.via’s ALPHA technology features automatic registration with exclusive organ-based recognition capabilities.

Create more opportunity

Financial Performance
Built to run as efficiently as possible, to reduce operating costs and to extend the economic life of your system, Biograph Horizon supports your business. Offering the standard in PET/CT technology at an attractive total cost of ownership, your scanner has the flexibility to grow with you.

A smart investment with a small footprint
Never compromise quality in pursuit of lowering your costs. Biograph Horizon offers investment protection that supports your clinical needs and helps create new efficiencies with each scan. As the smallest4 PET/CT system on the market, you can minimize your initial capital investment, while low operating and maintenance costs help keep your overhead expenses under control. Using a shared-service business model, the Biograph Horizon PET/CT can supplement existing CT services or be used as a back-up CT for efficient care delivery and maximize return on investment.

syngo.via Molecular Imaging Workplace
Configured specifically for Biograph Horizon, syngo.via Molecular Imaging Workplace5 is a cost-effective image processing solution that can expand to meet your clinical needs.

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1Pepin, et al (2004). Properties of LYSO and Recent LSO Scintillators for Phoswich PET Detectors. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 51, 3.

2Requires calibration to NEMA parameters for measurement normalization.

3For oncology diagnosis.

4Based on competitive literature available at the time of publication. Data on file.