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Making effective cancer treatment decisions requires the most accurate and precise information possible. Yet physicians may frequently need to read patient prior exams that were acquired with different PET/CT scanners. Standard uptake value (SUV) measurements can vary widely between different scanners and reconstruction parameters. Without proper normalization, quantitative variability across platforms and vendors can carry risks that go beyond greater difficulty in making treatment decisions. Ineffective therapies can potentially cost you more than $92,000 annually per patient.1

Siemens EQ•PET, a reference-based quantification technology within syngo®.via, provides harmonized SUVs across patient scans. No matter the vendor or platform, EQ•PET can equalize and calibrate systems to a common baseline. With EQ•PET, radiologists can read from the original patient image and compare SUV’s with confidence.

Overall EQ•PET Enables:

  • Quantitative assessment of treatment response in patients, even if they are imaged on different PET/CT systems.
  • Participation in multi-center clinical trials, without modifying reconstruction protocols.
  • Utilization of SUV-based thresholds to inform patient management decisions–even if they were defined on an older PET/CT system.

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