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Why should you achieve growth on the basis of challenges, if IT can do that for you? syngo.via imaging software provides you with a smart scalability with a client-server architecture, an expandable application concept and an evergreen link to the Siemens’ innovation stream. It grows long-term with your vision of an IT landscape: with high standards, smooth workflows, and consistent data handling in radiology. syngo.via is an imaging software for 3D reading and advanced visualization that works for everyone: from practices to clinics to hospital chains. It integrates smoothly into existing technology – even virtualized.

syngo.via imaging software is applicable from a single workplace to institution-wide use, and it can help consolidate your 3D and advanced visualization workflows. Multi-user, multi-modality, and multi-disciplinary, it streamlines radiology, links departments, and connects sites.
There will be no more uncertainty about future IT needs. syngo.via

  • Helps you to increase standardization in your radiology IT.
  • Provides the liberty to use existing hardware and run the software virtualized
  • Is easy to administrate and simple to operate.

It’s the right way for your medical facility, wherever you are headed.

Make your processes flexible – with Applications and Engines

Your innovative modular solution is called syngo.via. It combines client-server architecture and a powerful variety of standard and optional software applications.

Ready to increase your range – with the syngo.via deployments

From a workstation to a large, centralized server installation – syngo.via matches your set-up.

One fits into the other – with easy integration and consolidation

Achieve IT consistency with a solution that helps you standardize and consolidate advanced visualization and reading processes.

Virtualization – slim down your IT

Make your IT simpler to manage and less costly to own and operate: take the syngo.via system virtual.

Your mobile access for medical success

syngo.via WebViewer2, the mobile extension of syngo.via, provides access to high-quality multimodality images from anywhere3.

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Applications & engines

Licensing that fits your strategy and budget

Client server architecture – your access from all areas
Extend your working radius. syngo.via1 imaging software is a flexible solution, built on a client-server architecture, that allows you and your team access to your system from almost any desk. The client-server architecture of syngo.via imaging software helps you to centralize your resources. It is upgradable at any time.

Licensing that fits your strategy and budget
syngo.via is flexible when your business is growing. With syngo.via imaging software, we provide a solution for 3D reading and advanced visualization which fits your investment plan and budget. Its modular setup enables you to expand syngo.via according to your standards. Get the full flexibility for changes and extensions.

Applications and Engines – bundles more strengths

Applications and Engines – bundles more strengths
Start with one of the syngo.via Engines – and rev up with a couple of additional applications. With this combination you can obtain an extensive range of functions and tools required for a variety of clinical fields.

syngo.via is a modular, multi-modality solution. To start with, the syngo.via comes with a wealth of standard applications and tools for 3D reading and advanced visualization. But you can specialize – with additional syngo.via Engines. They include what you need for viewing, reading and reporting for certain clinical specialties and modalities. There are two levels: Engine and Engine Pro.

  • The Engine level addresses the needs of users who regularly work in a specific clinical field.
  • The Engine Pro level can be ordered in addition. It provides advanced functionality and automated workflows for high-end reading and processing.

The result is a solution tailored to your workflow requirements, installed modalities, and clinical focus. Save time and budget this way – and add more apps, according to your workflow. syngo.via offers a broad variety of optional clinical applications – for a higher level of automation and quantification. They can be purchased and smoothly integrated into your installation whenever you want.


Add what is needed – sustainably
Be part of the Siemens’ innovation stream: with the long-term and sustainable imaging software solution syngo.via. Start conveniently with a set of applications for a dedicated modality or clinical field and add further applications when needed. So your system remains open and flexible – for today and tomorrow. syngo.via adapts to where your business is going – whether you are based at a specialized practice or a major research hospital.


Ready to increase your range?
Different requirements need different solutions. That’s why syngo.via1 imaging software is available in different deployments. It’s an integrated system that fits your plans – from a single workstation to an enterprise-wide system. No matter what kind and size your syngo.via installation includes, you can instantly use all of their strengths and benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Integration
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Connectivity

Count on flexibility and work from different desks. In all syngo.via deployments a client-server architecture provides successful access to your system.

For how many users and imaging systems do you want to install syngo.via? Decide for yourself and open up the following opportunities:

Multi-modality, multi-user

Do you want to read and report results from multiple modalities – maybe beyond the borders of your department? Here are your solutions:

syngo.via Workstation
Your flexible multimodality solution: The syngo.via Workstation is the ideal entry into a multi-user, departmental syngo.via solution, frequently found in a radiology practice or imaging centre.
It delivers state-of-the-art 3D routine and advanced reading functionality, offering acess to the full range of syngo.via applications across all modalities and clinical fields.


syngo.via Server
Your end-to-end, solution: A syngo.via Server matches your institution-wide viewing, reading, and reporting needs.

syngo.via Server delivers excellent 3D routine and advanced reading functionality to multiple users working simultaneously. You can either deploy a single server or combine more than one into a multi-server environment, depending on which suits your institution's requirements. Each server-based solution allows users within a department or even across the entire hospital to make full use of syngo.via applications for all modalities and clinical fields. It makes workflows more flexible, too, by enabling physicians to view images anywhere4 – even on mobile devices – and easily share them with colleagues. syngo.via Server offers you full scalability and integrates seamlessly with your modalities5 and hospital IT.
It’s the right way, if you want to use syngo.via as a consolidated advanced visualization solution.

Integration & consolidation

Achieve IT consistency with syngo.via1 imaging software – a solution that’s easy to integrate into your existing IT landscape. syngo.via helps you standardize and consolidate your institution’s advanced visualization and reading processes, across departments or even between sites.

syngo.via imaging software has such broad and efficient clinical capabilities, offers you so many interfaces, and it is so comprehensive that you wouldn’t think it’s only one system.

Integration with syngo.via is smooth and sustainable

Benefit from seamless integration with your imaging modalities, with your RIS and PACS. Efficient multi-user and multi-modality working requires seamlessly networked workplaces. syngo.via tightly integrates imaging modalities6 and IT and makes it simple to access and share information.

Supporting the DICOM and HL7 industry standards, syngo.via imaging software can be easily connected to your HIS/RIS and PACS, your printers, cameras, and modalities, regardless of vendor6. It provides you a standard interface for image call-up from third-party PACS and RIS/HIS clients. In addition, syngo.via conforms with the internationally recognized IHE Framework for streamlined systems integration in multi-vendor environments6.

syngo.via imaging software is based on a client-server architecture. The server processes and renders the data from the connected imaging hardware, while the client provides the user interface. The client can access multiple servers7.

Your benefits:

  • Re-use existing client hardware8
  • Log on from any computer in the network, inside or outside the department9
  • Fast, interactive reading

Moreover, syngo.via applications can be launched from your existing PACS and RIS, ensuring fast and flexible access to multimodality information.

syngo.via is one consolidated solution

All your workflows should have only one source. A consolidated solution for 3D reading and reporting an advanced visualization reduces whatever slows down your work. Draw your benefits from:

  • Less training and lower chance for mistakes
  • Lower settling-times for users
  • Less variations in findings and quality
  • Less manual transmissions and paper

But at the same time, it offers you much more. syngo.via:

  • Supports multi-user, multi-modality, and multi-disciplinary workflows
  • Simplifies interdisciplinary cooperations
  • Streamlines radiology
  • Links departments
  • Connects sites – from practices to departments to clinics to hospital networks

Explore one consolidated solution throughout your institution. Explore syngo.via.
How many users and imaging systems do you want install? Decide for yourself and open up big opportunities.

Mobile access

Your mobile access for viewing and reading

Most reading and reporting software solutions are limited to the borders of the department. What if we could provide all clinical images to your physicians from anywhere10?

syngo.via WebViewer11 is your mobile extension of syngo.via12 imaging software. It provides you access to high-quality, multi-modality images while you are on the go13. An iPad14 or a web browser is all you need. Discover the right tools and pre-defined layouts of syngo.via WebViewer and get mobile access to clinical cases, displayed on your device of choice.

syngo.via WebViewer is a client server product that provides access to rendered medical image data through web browsers and iPads. Image data includes 2D images as well as volumetric data. It supports secure web-enabled client devices with LAN or wireless connections.

The web client is available for common web browsers without any installation procedure or the need for additional plugins. The mobile client for iPad is an app which can easily be installed by using the Apple iTunes Store14.
Network Requirements
syngo.via WebViewer requires the following network infrastructure:

  • 1.5-3 Mbps of bandwidth per user.
  • DMZ for industry standard security.

To provide secure access to images for syngo.via users the Transport Layer Security is available for both web and mobile access methods to ensure a secure communication link via encryption.
Starting with syngo.via version VA30, a syngo.via WebViewer license for one user is part of the syngo.via delivery15. The application is also available as an extension to existing syngo.via installations. It allows all syngo.via users to enter the world of high quality mobile imaging.