Non-Application-Specific Third Party Terms

The following terms and conditions apply in connection with all Applications, but are not specific to any one application:


  • NetApp: The NetApp end user license agreement (EULA), which applies to those customers who purchase NetApp equipment or software licenses through Siemens, is available on the NetApp website through the following link:

NUANCE Products

Unless otherwise agreed between you and Nuance Communications Inc. (“Nuance”), Nuance software, support and hosting, and third-party software and support and related Equipment offered by Nuance and purchased through Siemens (“Nuance Products”) are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Nuance’s Healthcare Master Agreement, including its Exhibits and applicable Schedules (“Nuance Agreement”). 
Refer to the “Additional Terms for Nuance Products” section of the terms and conditions in your Agreement/Amendment as well as the Nuance Technology Bid(s) attached to your Agreement/Amendment to determine which terms and conditions within the Nuance’s Healthcare Agreement, available through the link below, apply to your acquisition of Nuance products.


For customers who initially licensed Nuance Products from Siemens prior to June 30, 2017: 

(1) The following Nuance Agreement shall apply:

Healthcare Master with PS360 AEV_CR Assure Schedules 061814 0.3 MB

(2) If one of the Add-On products listed in the attached is licensed by Customer, then the following Schedule shall apply and shall be made part of the Nuance Agreement:

Siemens - Nuance Schedule for PS360 Add-on Products from Amend NA 4 07April17.pdf 0.1 MB


For customers who initially licensed Nuance Products from Siemens on or after July 1, 2017, the following Nuance Agreement and relevant Schedules shall apply: 

1_Siemens - Nuance Healthcare Master Agmt wout Schedules from Amend No 4 07April17.pdf 0.3 MB

2_Siemens - Nuance Schedule for PS360 Exam Volume from Amend No 4 07Apr17.pdf 0.1 MB

3_Siemens - Nuance Schedule for PS360 Term Transactional from Amend No 4 07Apr17.pdf 0.1 MB

4_Siemens - Nuance Schedule for PS360 Flex-MVC from Amend No 4 07Apr17.pdf 0.2 MB


For Customers who license the Nuance LexMark ModLink product through Siemens, the following Nuance LexMark ModLink EULA shall apply and be made part of the Nuance Agreement:


Siemens - Nuance LexMark ModLink EULA from Amend No 4 07Apr17.pdf 0.2 MB

The following documents contains the Nuance’s System Technical Specifications for the designated version of PowerScribe 360. Customers who acquire Nuance PowerScribe 360 products through Siemens are required to comply with the attached specifications related to the installed version .

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting v2.5 Client Specifications 0.2 MB

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting v3.0 System Specifications 0.9 MB

PS360 v4.0 System Technical Specifications.pdf 0.7 MB

Cerner OpenLink

The following Oracle terms and conditions apply to those customers who acquire Cerner OpenLink from Siemens:

Java Technology Restrictions 4.4 kB