Step into the digital future of healthcare

Healthcare professionals, hospitals and institutions of higher learning come together in teamplay's1 rich cloud-based network to access both the metrics from their own imaging fleet and from a shared pool of imaging data. As a community, they connect and collaborate in a trusted environment with high data privacy and security standards to improve patient outcome and quality of care.

What is teamplay?

teamplay is a cloud-based network that brings together healthcare professionals in order to advance medicine and human health as a team effort, and transparency of performance is key to success. More importantly, it empowers healthcare professionals to identify improvement potential on all levels of execution.

Find out about teamplay, and how your healthcare organization can benefit from it, which includes our Cardiology Dashboard which is now part of Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem.

What can teamplay Cardio do for you?

  • Opens a window into your cardiology workflow and operations providing timely and meaningful insights into performance and status
  • Turns complex data into immediately actionable data for timely and meaningful insights for the cardiology service lines
  • Provides near-real-time, enterprise-wide statistics for cardiology departments to track performance and improve patient flow by helping to:
  • Measures operational and workflow effectiveness
  • Easy access to transparent data in a single application