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About our Enterprise Archiving solution:

“What I like the most is the versatility and tight integration. It allows me to have a holistic patient-centric view of all DICOM and non-DICOM data of my patients."

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pierer
Head of plastic, reconstructive,
and aesthetic surgery


Thanks to the patient-centric storage, clinicians have all patient data at their fingertips.

Access to information and data for a patient – centrally

  • Data archiving independent of format and origin
  • Patient-centered data management allows holistic view of patients
  • Acquisition and import of different kinds of patient-related data


One clinical data management for all

  • Universal clinical data management
  • Webviewer for remote access
  • DICOM, non-DICOM and multimedia data
  • Archive consolidation across departments
  • Patient-centered data management

IT Administrators

The Enterprise Archiving solution serves as a single point of integration and allows central data management.

Easy-to-integrate information management software

  • Homogenous IT landscape
  • Integration of all systems and archives into the clinical workflow and the IT environment
  • Central clinical data management and system monitoring
  • Archive consolidation across departments
  • Flexible management of storage pools and different storage technologies


Enhanced administration:

  • Easy and quick remote access
  • Execution of statistical queries
  • Monitoring of system status of all servers within the network
  • User and role management based on existing AD/LDAP
  • Easy administration of all connected archive nodes



 Standard-based connectivity

  • Data archiving and information sharing based on HL7, DICOM, and IHE XDS/XDS-I
  • Functions for importing, exporting, routing, and sharing clinical data
  • Multi-tenancy and multi-PACS LTA
  • Central VNA for HIS/EMR integration and results distribution

Healthcare Executives

The scalable archive is based on standards, enabling cost-controlled data management.

Adaptable for changing needs

  • Safe and future proof investment: data archiving data along the entire lifecycle
  • Modular in design – syngo.share adapts to your needs of a growing enterprise

Access beyond boundaries

  • X-ologies data management
  • Multi-site data sharing and data management

Efficiency of one VNA

  • Efficient data sharing across the enterprise
  • Less resources and efforts to maintain disparate systems
  • Secure clinical data management
  • Saving costs by one archive for all departments
  • Efficient workflows

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