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syngo.via View&GO is available1 – as a cost efficient standalone software solution that adds flexibility and simplicity to your daily routine.

  • Confident decision making through a wide range of clinical tools
  • Fast integration through simple installation on your hardware2 – including regular updates
  • Boosting productivity by optimizing your scanning workflow
  • Great performance with an affordable price tag


What’s new in syngo.via View&GO

We are working constantly on new features and improvements to keep syngo.via View&GO running smoothly. Whether it’s a major update or a point update that brings fixes and features.

Take a look below to see all available features that were added in recent updates.

  • Full “interactive” remote support
    Real-time interaction between clinical staff and clinical application experts, whenever a support need arises to drive (* IT Care Plan required)
  • Back-Up & Restore
    These enhancements enable new options to support the back-up and restore of “customized” settings
  • Feedback Tool integrated
    Your feedback and suggestions are a key contributor for quality improvements


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This product is under development and not commercially available. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

1Available starting from mid of 2018

2Optional hardware available, Windows operating system only