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Mammomat Fusion Mammography system with premium features for everyday screening and diagnostic

Early detection and optimal diagnostic accuracy play a crucial role in mammography screening. Accomplishing this, however, requires a highly standardized workflow and high-quality images.

Mammomat Fusion is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. The refined, automated workflow performs complex tasks at the click of a button. Low operating costs and attractive service packages help you get your money’s worth.

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Features & Benefits

Digital Mammography Machine

Siemens Healthineers’ Mammomat Fusion digital mammography system is designed to support you in your routine work with high efficiency. Discover how premium mammography technology can significantly improve your everyday screening and diagnostics.

Digital Mammography Machine Enhance your everyday screening and diagnostics

Achieve high patient throughput and reduce staff training requirements with a proven workflow and our unique syngo user interface.

  • Save time with Single-Touch Positioning, which moves the mammography system between predefined positions at the touch of a button
  • Access our unique syngo user interface at one central acquisition workstation
  • Experience easy guidance with the seamless Stereotactic Biopsy1 procedure - Learn more about Stereotactic Biopsy
Digital Mammography Machine Increase your diagnostic confidence at the right dose

Get consistent diagnostic results with the new, particularly robust detector that provides high-resolution images reliably, year after year. 

  • Benefit from Mammomat Fusion’s remarkably robust new-generation CsI detector, which is especially suitable for challenging environments such as bus-installed mobile screening units
  • Help your patients to relax with the MoodLight1 simply by changing the lighting on your Mammomat Fusion
  • Obtain ideal image quality at the optimum compression level using OpComp with SoftSpeed
Digital Mammography Machine Reduce operating costs while increasing patient throughput

Reduce operating costs while increasing patient throughput with a mammography system focused on financial performance.

  • Maximize uptime and optimize workflows for sustainable healthcare
  • Profit from a comprehensive range of service options which can be precisely tailored to your requirements
  • Expand your clinical capabilities with magnification, spot imaging and biopsy options on the same system

Fleet Level Benefits

High complexity in diagnostic imaging makes it challenging to run the radiology department efficiently. Siemens Healthineers helps you to reduce complexity by offering specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio which let you standardize, analyze and secure the imaging fleet. In this way, you can gain valuable Fleet Level Benefits: consistency, transparency and confidence. This results in improved outcomes, increased efficiency and greater staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Standardize for consistency
  • Analyze for transparency
  • Secure for confidence

Clinical Use

Mammomat Fusion is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. Discover how premium technology can significantly improve your workflow.

Have a look what our customers say1

Sr. Amadea Donadila, Divine Word Hospital’s Administrator, Philippines
Dr. Ingvar Andersson, Associate Professor, Radiology, Unilabs Mammografikliniken, Malmö, Sweden
Ulrica Petterson, Mammography Nurse, Unilabs Mammografikliniken, Malmö, Sweden

Technical Specifications

System specification

Detector technology

Cesium iodide (CsI)

Detector size

23 cm x 30 cm (9.1“ x 11.7“)

X-ray tube anode material




Swivel range

+ 180° to – 180°,

motorized, isocentric rotation with preselectable rotation

Vertical travel, motorized

69 cm (27.2“) to 150 cm (59.1“) (object table)

Source-detector distance

65 cm (25.6“)


48 cm (19") TFT color display
3 MP 54 cm (21“) TFT color display (optional)





Clinical applications and workflows

X-ray release options

Control console, hand switch and footswitch options

OpComp - optimized compression force


OpDose - optimized patient dose


CARE program


DICOM Services

DICOM Send / Storage Commitment
DICOM Query/Retrieve
DICOM Worklist / MPPS

Interface for CR integration