syngo.via for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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Together with Siemens’ unique Dot technology, syngo®.via can significantly improve your workflow – from scanning to reading.

“55%1 faster diagnosis, 98%1 faster findings navigation.”
Prof. Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, MD
Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Germany

“Up to 59%1 time savings in abdomen reading.”
According to a study performed by
Markus Lentschig, MD and Marting Bünning MD
ZEMODI – Center for Modern Diagnostics
Bremen, Germany

“Up to 46%1 time savings in neuro perfusion reading.”
According to a study performed by
Hannes Lücking, MD
Erlangen University Medical Center, Germany

syngo.MR Engine bundles

syngo.via for Magnetic Resonance offers a large number of clinical applications coming in four different syngo.MR Engine bundles: Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and General MR for routine cases.

syngo.MR General

With the syngo.MR General Engine and syngo.MR Composing you have all the right tools at hand - for your routine, cardiovascular, oncology, neurology cases, and orthopedic cases.

Optimized workflows – for any case, every day 

  • Wide range of optimized workflows for any case
  • Pre-defined steps and layouts for more efficiency
  • Step-by-step guidance with the Case Navigator for ease of use
  • Customizable workflows and layouts following your standards of care


All datasets available – ready to read

  • Images automatically loaded and sorted
  • Pre-processed according to disease specific requirements
  • Start processing and reading right away


One image – all the possibilities

  • Integrated 2D and 3D capabilities
  • Switch to 3D views of any contrast with just one click
  • Easily drag and drop images from other modalities or previous MR scans 


Useful tools – usability for you

  • Frequently used functions displayed next to the image
  • Fast localization of the same point in different series
  • regardless of orientation and contrast


Finding, not searching – for easy navigation

  • Automatic tracking of all findings
  • Listing of all trackings in the Findings Navigator
  • One click navigation to a finding – from anywhere in the case 

See how syngo.via for routine cases is working:

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syngo.MR Cardiology

Segmenting, calculating, sorting – manage images of different cardiac views or phases and have useful information from other acquisitions, already linked to the series you are currently viewing.

One view – all the information

  • Scroll up and down within a series and see linked data from other acquisitions displayed at the same anatomical position
  • Compare all available data and detect even minor abnormalities


Predefined layouts – according to image type and view

  • Images displayed by type or anatomical view
  • Images automatically recognized and sorted into predefined layouts
  • Prevent mixed-up images by order or location
  • Get a quick overview of even the tough cases


Comprehensive analysis – of functional parameters and flow

  • Easily review automatically created axis contours with syngo.via’s guided approach
  • Calculate all relevant parameters and display them in standardized graphs and tables
  • Faster and user friendly evaluation of blood flow dynamics


Managing angio images – from whole body to smallest detail

  • Automatic recognition of acquisition method for syngo TimCT, multi-station, or syngo TWIST, using dedicated layouts
  • MPR and 3D MIP views displayed next to each other
  • Easier handling of complex cases with AutoZoom and Drag-and-Drop

See how syngo.via for cardiology cases is working:

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syngo.MR Oncology

syngo.via helps to make oncology diagnosis fast, intuitive, and more robust. Handle even large amounts of images from different modalities with comparative ease. Benefit from a high degree of automation and advanced ergonomics.

Effortless case management – even for complex procedures

  • All images automatically loaded, sorted and pre-processed – disease specific
  • All images structured from head to toe, from soft tissue to bone contrast
  • Maintain high diagnostic quality throughout complex cases


Simplified case navigation – through guided workflows

  • Benefit from dedicated layouts for oncology exams
  • Read the most comprehensive cases with a few intuitive steps
  • Take advantage of guided workflows to concentrate on diagnosis


Automated Lesion segmentation –mark the lesion, see the boundaries

  • Identify the lesion
  • Automatically get suggested boundaries and computed volumes


Dedicated oncology reports – matching your referrers needs

  • Integrate findings with just one mouse-click
  • Add therapy recommendations at any time
  • Create dedicated reports that help your referrer, giving them all relevant information at a glance


Multi modality views - combine images to get the whole picture

  • Combine images from multiple modalities whenever needed
  • Side-by-side display of MR and ultrasound images, i.e. for prostate cases
  • Fusion of MR and CT images, i.e. to read brain and other cases

See how syngo.via for oncology cases is working:

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syngo.MR Onco Engine
syngo.MR Spectro Engine

syngo.MR Neurology

Establish a whole new level of speed and flexibility in acute neurology. Through immediate, network-wide2 access to the applications you need, and the resulting patient data.

Fast evaluation – appropriate action

  • Immediate viewing and interactive evaluation of images
  • Automated sorting of data
  • Fast calculation of color maps
  • Supported 3D processing


Client server based applications – access data anywhere2

  • Get network-wide2 access to advanced MR applications implementing our client-server based software
  • Benefit from client-server based evaluation tools, such as perfusion evaluation
  • Combine routine and advanced tools everywhere2 in your network


Clinical and research combined – with syngo.MR Neuro fMRI

  • Neurological pre-surgical planning without boundaries
  • Discover new potentials in MR neurology through cutting-edge research


See how syngo.via for neurology cases is working:

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1Results may vary. Data on file.

2Prerequisite include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements and adherence to local data security regulations.