The first 7T for clinical use

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The power to reach further and enter new territories is essential for those who shape the future of healthcare. Whether for basic, clinical or neuroscience endeavors, MAGNETOM Terra lets you redefine what is possible. All in one, the power of 7T MRI helps you deliver previously unseen insights that could improve patient outcomes and further enhance your reputation.


Double SNR for more precision – With clinical applications

When it comes to improving patient outcomes by answering the most challenging clinical questions, enabling deeper clinical insights can make a difference. With over double the SNR of 3T, imaging at 7T offers potential for better lesion conspicuity, and potentially earlier disease detection at the submillimeter resolution.

Change the game in UHF business – With Siemens’ 50% lighter 7T magnet

Medical research funding has stagnated in the last decade. MAGNETOM Terra provides leading-edge capabilities to increase your competitiveness, while making a tangible difference to clinical care, research, and your business. The new Siemens 50% lighter 7T magnet is designed to enable easier integration into clinical environments.

The right business impact:

  • Easier, more cost effective integration into clinical environments; faster installation



Help improve patient outcomes:

  • A 0.2 mm in-plane resolution to visualize previously unseen structures
  • 0.14 cm³ voxel sizes for higher resolution.
  • Submillimeter BOLD fMRI resolution.



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