Embrace human nature at 3T

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MAGNETOM Vida, the first MRI scanner with BioMatrix Technology, embraces human nature at 3T. In addition to the revolutionary technology, MAGNETOM Vida has an all-new magnet and system architecture as well as various revolutionary features to serve the increasing demands in high-end clinical imaging and in clinical research.

Embrace full 3T performance with unparalleled magnet and gradient power

3T MRI is synonymous with high-performance clinical MRI. With 3T MRI, the expectation is to push and redefine the limits of what is possible in diagnostic imaging. MAGNETOM Vida achieves a new level of performance with a completely new magnet and system architecture to support the clinical, operational, and financial requirements MRI is facing today.

An all-new 3T magnet

MAGNETOM Vida comes with an all-new 3T magnet, which provides excellent homogeneity throughout the entire measurement volume and a large Field-of-View of 55 x 55 x 50 cm3. The result: fast examinations with robust and reliable fat saturation throughout the entire imaging volume, which is especially important in abdominal or off-center applications.

A new level of gradient power

With an optional gradient strength of 60/200 simultaneously, up to 25% higher SNR is achievable for diffusion weighted imaging on MAGNETOM Vida, offering cutting-edge MR research power – in a patient-friendly 70 cm setting.

Cost-efficient energy management

An intelligent power management system disables power-consuming components during scan breaks – EcoPower shuts off the cold head in standby, resulting in up to 30% energy savings compared to the industry average (COCIR average of MRI vendors1,2).

Embrace true 3T productivity with GO technologies

MAGNETOM Vida embraces true 3T productivity and makes push-button examinations become clinical reality. GO technologies are a family of solutions that accelerate the entire workflow of the examination - from patient positioning to results distribution. GO technologies consist of four main components, each contributing to a specific aspect of workflow optimization to enable higher throughput and robustness in clinical routine.

Fast, easy and reproducible patient positioning with Select&GO

BioMatrix Select&GO touch interfaces on the front of the system enable fast and easy patient positioning for multiple regions with one touch. An intelligent body model will automatically position the region to be examined in the center of the magnet, enabling less experienced staff to correctly position the patient on their very first time. This saves time for repositioning and any additional time-consuming adjustments.

Standardized and reproducible image acquisition with DotGO

An intuitive Dot workflow ensures consistent, high-quality imaging independent of the user and the patient. Using numerous automated steps, e.g. AutoAlign, AutoCoverage, AutoFoV functionalities, there is no need to plan the examination manually. This helps to accelerate the workflow significantly.

Automated inline reconstructions with Recon&GO

Recon&GO includes a wide range of inline functionalities that allow automatic reconstructions in the background and an easy transition to post-processing. For example, vertebrae are automatically labeled in the sagittal / axial views with Inline Spine Labeling; multistation exams are composed; and Inline MPRs are calculated without user interaction.

High-quality, advanced processing and result distribution with MR View&GO

MR View&GO is MAGNETOM Vida’s all-in-one viewing and reading solution. After the data have been acquired and reconstructed, MR View&GO enables fast quality checks and distribution of results. Beyond that, MR View&GO offers the additional advantage of being able to perform extended post-processing, directly at the scanner.

Embrace new 3T clinical capabilities with Inline Compressed Sensing

MAGNETOM Vida enables access to patients previously excluded from MR because of their medical condition or the exam’s prohibitively complex nature. Expand the MR patient population eligible for MRI with free-breathing exams to generate additional revenue.

Free-breathing, high-resolution cardiac MRI with Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine

Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine
can accelerate MR Cardiac Cine imaging by a factor of up to 10, with no loss in image quality. This is made possible by only acquiring a fraction of the image data and generating high-resolution images using iterative reconstruction – based on our award-winning algorithm for Compressed Sensing. With its extremely fast acquisition, Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine opens up Cardiac Cine imaging to arrhythmic and dyspneic patients.

Free-breathing examinations of liver dynamics with Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE

With Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE, dynamic contrast-enhanced liver imaging, which is key to differentiate abdominal lesions, can now be performed on patients with limited breath-hold capability. The procedure, which typically is complex to perform, is now easier to conduct with the push of a button.

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1Compared to reconstructions with CPU alone.

2Based on COCIR SRI Status Report 2015, data on file.