Enjoy the New Way to Explore Applications

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With your teamplay login, you have the added benefit of also being connected to the Siemens Healthineers digital marketplace. This integrated storefront is your portal to discover additional clinical and operational applications through Siemens Healthineers and our partners. It enables you to browse applications, request information or a demo and even get a quote to purchase a specific app in-line with a flexible subscription concept.

Accessing the Storefront

You can access the storefront directly from teamplay by clicking the shopping cart icon on the bottom right. This allows you to browse all available applications.

  • Browse – Just log-in with your teamplay account and browse the different applications
  • Get Information – You can get more information about a specific application, request a demo or even initial a trial* and we will contact you
    (*To trial an application, you need to be logged in as a teamplay administrator)
  • Decide – If you like an application, you can request a quote and purchase it directly from Siemens Healthineers using a flexible subscription model

After the purchase has been completed, the selected application will appear right next to the list of teamplay applications. If will fit seamlessly into your clinical workflow.

If you would like to meet with experts to learn more about our solution, visit us at HIMSS19 at booth #3759.

You don’t need to worry about additional hardware, maintenance or upgrade packages when adding new apps from the digital marketplace. All you need is an internet access and your login to teamplay.

Benefit from Secured Technology

All applications in the store have been scanned for security vulnerabilities and are integrated into the safe environment of teamplay by Siemens Healthineers. Remember that you can always control your data privacy levels within teamplay (standard, high and restrictive).

Discover the Growing Number of Apps Available to You in the digital marketplace:

HeartFlow® FFRct Analysis – Personalized testing for coronary artery disease (CAD)
Arterys – Arterys MICA, a powerful medical imaging cloud AI platform
cNeuro® cMRI – Enabling quantitative interpretation of brain MRI
AMRA® Researcher – Multiple, precise fat & muscle measurements from a 6-min scan
XIFIN RPM – Optimize revenue with a full fledged financial system
MedOne Radiology – Your essential medical imaging library with one click
Proactive Followup – Transform care delivery by digitalizing the management of incidental findings
ezCDS by Cranberry Peak – First AI assistant for physicians to consult CDS content
PIA: Post-Processing – Outsource image post-processing analysis and reports to experts
ExplORer Surgical – Surgical playbook that increases efficiency and reduces waste
teamplay Cardio - Turning complex data into actionable, timely and meaningful insights in cardiology
teamplay Protocols – Interactive and effective scan protocol management
teamplay Images – A secured tool for image sharing with staff, peers and 3rd party apps
teamplay Dose – Enterprise-wide radiation dose management
teamplay Usage – Enhanced utilization management
AI-Rad Companion*- Multi-organ augmented reading