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Artificial intelligence
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 The AI-Rad Companion Chest CT1, based on AI technology, to enables automated structured reporting. It automatically performs measurements, prepares results in the form of valuable clinical images and reports and provides comparisons to original data. AI-Rad Companion Chest CT is seamlessly fully integrated in the image interpretation workflow and may help you in handling your daily workload. 

It is a vendor-neutral, multi-organ augmented reading solution that automatically prepares clinical input to be interpreted by radiologists, pathologists and/or clinicians. Through automation, this solution can help ease the burden of basic, repetitive tasks. 

AI can help radiologists tackle their routine challenges

Automate your workflows
Unlock the potential to reduce the time of visualization and reporting through software that automatically performs measurements and prepares results for reports.

AI-Rad Companion software automatically highlights abnormalities, segments anatomies, and matches results with reference values.

3. Integration in your imaging interpretation workflow

With AI-Rad Companion Chest CT seamlessly integrating into the department’s workflows and standards, images and supporting information can automatically be made available to any PACS, for individual reporting requirements.

Taking Chest Reading to tomorrow with AI-Rad Companion Chest CT

An AI-enriched solution could offer:

  • automated analysis of the entire chest CT scan
  • side-by-side viewing of original images and results
  • PACS-ready solution

1AI-Rad Companion is pending 510(k) clearance. This information about this product is preliminary. It is under development, not commercially available in the USA, and its future availability cannot be ensured.

2Not in scope of first release.