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FlexForce® Start-Up Tech

A System Integration Workforce Solution

Healthcare Providers are looking to preserve patient care and create value by sustaining quality standards across the continuum of care. Recognizing that the ramp-up period during a new system integration and transition process can be critically important in sustaining these care and value objectives, we are proud to introduce the FlexForce® Start-Up Tech—a workforce solution designed to be immediately impactful to the customer mission of delivering Care & Value.

How It Works

FlexForce® Start-Up Tech provides you with fully trained technologists that possess in-depth knowledge of Siemens Healthineers equipment. These technologists join your clinical staff for up to 40 hours per week (Mon-Fri) for four consecutive weeks during your new system integration period. Our technologists are highly skilled, licensed and supported by Siemens Healthineers to provide scanning while optimizing quality as well as productivity during the critical start-up phase.


Learn how FlexForce® Start-Up Tech can support your organization during a new system integration and transition.  

FlexForce® Start-Up Tech is available for the following modalities:

Nurse performing MRI on patient

Magnetic Resonance

Our innovative technologies enable you to achieve exceptional speed, efficiency, and precision in MRI to improve patient care and gain a stronger competitive edge.

Nurse performing CT on patient

Computed Tomography

Our unique CT technologies achieve higher efficiency, exceptional imaging quality and consistent results.

molecular imaging clinical corner

Molecular Imaging

Our molecular imaging and nuclear medicine systems provide solutions to help clinicians diagnose, treat, and monitor disease confidently.

Interventional Radiology

Advanced Therapy (Interventional Radiology and Cardiology)

 Our portfolio of systems and solutions for interventional radiology allows for minimally invasive image-guided treatment which results in better patient outcomes and lower costs.

Nurse performing Mammogram

X-ray Products (Radiography Fluoroscopy, Women’s Health) 

Our family of radiography and fluoroscopy x-ray imaging systems present technologists with multiple advances that can provide significant workflow and productivity improvements to increase patient safety and workflow efficiency.

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