Consultation Program Series

Consultation Program Series
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Workflow Customization
Designed for customers who are getting a brand new Siemens system, our Workflow Customization service offers one-on-one consultation with our clinical education specialists. You’ll receive guidance that:

  • Focuses on individualized processes.
  • Solves specific workflow challenges.
  • Enhances staff confidence.

Workflow Optimization

As an existing Siemens customer, you can benefit from our Workflow Optimization solution. The consultation available within the Workflow Optimization solution can be performed remotely or on-site, based on your specific needs and preferences. A clinical education specialist will collaborate with your staff to enhance workflows based on system functionality and new technologies. Your staff members will:

  • Have an experienced specialist help them evaluate and build workflows.
  • Improve departmental performance.
  • Optimize workflows to meet your actual clinical needs.

Workflow Integration
Are you trying to produce workflow uniformity throughout your department? Perhaps you are challenged with having multiple OEM systems? Our Workflow Integration solution will help you incorporate Siemens SPECT into your dynamic environment. This advanced consulting solution will enable you to:

  • Successfully transfer your workflow across systems.
  • Achieve consistent workflows across multi-sites or multiple OEM systems.
  • Develop a complete set of customized protocols that fulfill your specific needs.
  • Offer staff training focused on your specific needs