Consultation Program Series

Consultation Program Series
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With Optimize CARE CT, staff members will have the knowledge and skills to reduce radiation dose exposure in routine CT exams. Your facility can more efficiently improve patient safety, enhance referring physician satisfaction, and minimize risk.


Advantages of each Program Offering

Low Dose EducationAdvanced with Consulting
Facility-specific education on dose appropriate use of CT CAREIn-depth analysis of your baseline CT dose performance
Optimization of scan protocolsA tested change strategy which permits image quality acceptance
Blended learning approach to suit schedule flexibilityImplementation support for dose reduction in routine procedures


Potential Benefits Using Optimize CT CARE

  • Reduce radiation exposure in routine CT examinations.
  • Enable the benefits of the dose reduction technologies as well as scanner and system capabilities effectively.
  • Instill consistent awareness about the appropriate use of medical radiation among your staff.
  • Improve your standing as a responsible healthcare provider.