Reference Laboratories

Reference laboratories should not have to choose among accuracy, volume, speed, or productivity when selecting instrumentation. The Syva product line offers the only combination of instrumentation and FDA cleared methods that can meet the demanding needs of the high-volume reference laboratory for drugs-of-abuse testing or therapeutic drug monitoring. 

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers reliable instrumentation that can test anywhere from 66 tests to 4800 tests per hour. This full range of options allows you to choose the instrument or combination of instruments that best fits your needs, combined with tried-and-true EMIT tests.

Components of the Syva Solution

Instrumentation:  Automated Urine Drug Screening:
Siemens offers a broad range of options to meet different testing-volume requirements. With this wide range of instruments, we can offer a platform to fit your facility. Learn more about the instruments by selecting one of the links below.

Drug Testing Methods: Siemens offers a broad menu of drug tests to help meet all of your lab’s needs, using the tried and true EMIT® reagent technology. Many drugs-of-abuse assays are available in multiple cutoffs to suit your testing requirements.

Drugs of Abuse   
BenzodiazepinesEthyl AlcoholOpiate 
Cocaine MetaboliteLSDPhencyclidine 


Specimen Validity

CreatineSpecific Gravity 


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

PhenytoinPrimidoneValproic AcidQuinidine
TheophyllineTobramycin Vancomycin


Transplant Monitoring

Extended Range