Methotrexate Assay
Accurately screen for MTX with low-end sensitivity.

Methotrexate Assay
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The ARK Methotrexate assay is the only liquid methotrexate assay on the market. It provides an assay range of 0.04–1.20 µmol/L that meets customers’ needs for low-end sensitivity.

  • Methotrexate is an antineoplastic drug that is used in the treatment of specific cancers (especially pediatric), psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions.


  • Methotrexate is extremely potent and has the potential to be very toxic. It inhibits a key enzyme and affects DNA/RNA synthesis in the cells. Thus, it prevents the growth of cells that grow rapidly, such as cancer, bone marrow, and skin cells.


  • Methotrexate serum levels are dependent on many variables, including dose, mode of administration, individual metabolism, and individual pharmacokinetics. Leucovorin is usually administered intravenously as a rescue (counteracting) therapy.

Guidelines for methotrexate therapy with leucovorin rescue usually recommend continuance of leucovorin until the methotrexate level falls below 0.05 μmol/L, although ≤0.10 μmol/L is sometimes followed. This is why low-level sensitivity is so important, especially for pediatric patients.

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