EMIT II Plus Ethyl Alcohol Assay
Accurately quantitate ethyl alcohol

EMIT II Plus Ethyl Alcohol Assay
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Ethyl alcohol tests are used for medical and legal purposes that include determining impairment or legal intoxication and diagnosing and treating alcohol dependency and alcohol poisoning.

The EMIT II Plus Ethyl Alcohol Assay provides:

  • No interference from lactate/LDH in post-mortem or trauma patients
  • Applications for multiple sample types, including blood, urine, serum, and plasma
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagents, calibrators, and controls
  • >99% correlation with reference method (GC)

Applications are available for the Viva-Jr®, Viva-E®, Viva-ProE®, V-Twin® drug testing systems and AU® Series analyzers.



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