EMIT II Plus Cocaine Metabolite Assay
High specificity for benzoylecgonine

EMIT II Plus Cocaine Metabolite Assay
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Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant that is extracted from the coca plant. Cocaine base can be smoked in a form that is commonly known as “crack.” Cocaine is rapidly absorbed, especially when smoked, which is why the major metabolite, benzoylecgonine, is used for immunoassay drug screening.

The EMIT II Plus Cocaine Metabolite Assay provides:

  • High specificity for benzoylecgonine, the major metabolite of cocaine
  • Excellent precision—all within-lab (total) CVs ≤2.6% or less across the assay range
  • Dual cutoffs available with one assay
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagents, calibrators, and controls
  • 93% correlation with reference method (GC/MS)

Applications are available for the Viva-Jr®, Viva-E®, Viva-ProE®, V-Twin® drug testing systems and AU® Series analyzers.

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