Operationalize the value of big data
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Operationalize the value of big data
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Poor data integration due to fragmented and siloed data pools leads to lost profit

Digital data in the healthcare sector is growing at a rate of 48 percent annually and is expected to reach 2.3 exabytes by 2020.1 Your challenge is to translate this flood of big data into meaningful information to help improve the quality of patient-centric care and save costs. Today, however, your data is often fragmented in “silo-ed” data pools, fueled by the continuing consolidation of hospitals worldwide. Poor data integration is thought to be responsible for $342bn in lost benefits every year due to eligibility and verification issues.2 

To better understand the value of leveraging data, you need to develop a data management strategy incorporating the generation, aggregation, analysis and operationalization of data. This strategy should equate to a circular rather than a linear process so that you are able to learn from the generated output for the next iteration.


We help you to leverage the value of data

Huge volumes of data are not only being generated within your hospital, but also from remote devices and sensors worn or operated by patients themselves. To enable digital processing, high data quality is a prerequisite. It is our goal as a manufacturer to provide you with equipment that delivers high quality imaging, laboratory and operational data. We help you to aggregate your data for transparency, system-wide interoperability and knowledge sharing. With our digital solutions we enable you to generate actionable insights thereby leveraging analytical capabilities and artificial intelligence. And finally, we enable you to operationalize these insights and take actions for better care.

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We bring the power of a globally operating corporation. Discover how we can help you to leverage the value of data for your institution.

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We have a broad portfolio of digital solutions to support you in your efforts to leverage big data in healthcare into actionable insights for better-informed healthcare management decisions and improved operational efficiency. Check out two of our digital solutions below. For more information on our digital portfolio visit our solutions overview.

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