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Value Beyond Cost
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Brace for impact: manage the risks of healthcare reform with the right service contract

Healthcare reform is now a reality, and the hospitals and imaging facilities that will thrive are taking a strategic approach to protect their mission and their equipment investment. With patient volumes expected to increase and reimbursements decreasing, you can’t afford anything less than higher levels of performance and productivity from your imaging systems.


Cost pressures may tempt you to cut corners on service with a third-party provider, but the right service strategy can actually give you a competitive advantage – even in the uncertainty of reform. 

Assess the value of a service contract in light of total cost of ownership. Do you know the true cost of down systems, out-of-date software and hit-or-miss training? What about the risk to your reputation and your patient satisfaction? The right service partner can help you optimize patient care and your bottom line. 

To make service a part of your winning solution, check out three helpful tools:


Are you prepared? Get the Siemens service advantage

Explore the tools above to discover the difference Siemens can make. As a trusted partner for your business, Siemens offers exponential value with exclusive service solutions, continued innovation and unmatched expertise. So you can focus on delivering better patient care while still managing costs.

Are you ready for the impact of healthcare reform?

Many hospitals and imaging facilities are reeling from the seismic shift of healthcare reform. Find out what this new environment means for your service strategy.