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Customer Spotlight: A Case Study on Spectrum Health

Challenge: Spectrum Health System’s main campus in Grand Rapids, Mich., purchased a MAGNETOM Aera MR system from Siemens in June 2012. New to Siemens MR products, the staff needed specific training on best practices for using it. Without the proper training, inexperienced users could have produced poor-quality images, leading to incorrect diagnoses, longer scan times and, ultimately compromised patient care. Spectrum Health needed efficient, cost-effective training for its entire team. And, users had varying schedules which would make training difficult without considerable disruption to patient scheduling.

Strategy: Siemens Clinical Education team met with Spectrum’s staff to discuss their specific imaging needs. Working together, Spectrum and Siemens created a Customized Education Plan (CEP). As the name suggests, this highly collaborative plan is tailored to meet each facility’s unique goals. Every plan is different and creates an optimal learning path for employees. To accomplish this the Siemens Clinical Education team uses a four-step process. First the needs are defined, a plan is developed and implemented, and finally progress is measured.


Results: Siemens began implementing the education plan for Spectrum Health in November 2012 with the deployment of web based trainings , virtual instructor-led sessions, classroom training, and on-site training for their go-live date of Jan. 7, 2013. As of today, Spectrum’s entire MRI staff is efficiently operating the MAGNETOM Aera. They are even educated in advanced applications such as cardiac and advanced neuro imaging as part of their original CEP.

This is just one of many examples of how CEPs can help imaging professionals use advanced medical applications to provide efficient and effective patient care. Having the right education when and where you need it supports quality patient outcomes. Keeping systems running efficiently helps speed up exams and reduces wait times for patients. And, Knowing how to effectively use the equipment can lead to a reduction in errors and improved patient safety, all resulting in excellent patient care. When your staff is properly trained, everyone wins.

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