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It’s the Catch-22 every imaging center faces: proper training is the best way to meet your metric goals, but scheduling training can often bring disruptions to your day. A staff not trained in the latest techniques decreases efficiencies – and profits. Each interruption to your facility’s workflow also equates to lost revenue. So, how can you educate an ever-changing staff while keeping patient satisfaction at its highest possible level? That’s where Siemens Education Power PacksTM can help.


Power Packs are designed to provide ultimate flexibility. These new and better training offerings give you options to find the solutions that work for you. Whether you are looking to increase clinical staff knowledge and skills or drive department efficiencies, Power Packs can help you accomplish your goal. These bundled packages give you a wide selection of training options, including remote, simulation and even on-site training. We offer three Power Pack solutions, each designed to be the least disruptive to your routine. And with your budget in mind, they’re more affordable than ever.


Where else can you get access to the Siemens Medical Academy, Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), syngo® Remote Trainer and more for one annual price? Buying all of these education services individually would cost significantly more. The advantage of the Power Packs is that they offer you up to 40 percent savings compared with buying the same education services individually. Siemens Customer Care Advisors can even convert unused education credits for those who want to purchase Power Packs.


Power Packs are available for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, Molecular Imaging and Angiography, with additional modalities scheduled for release in 2014. There are three Power Pack price points and contract terms so you can get the right mix of education that works best for your facility.


We want to make sure our education offerings meet your needs and budget. So Siemens has invested in platforms that use remote capability and simulation. If you need to send staff off site to learn more, we’ll include registration costs for either the Siemens Classroom or the annual Innovations for Imaging symposium.


To find out more or to purchase an Education Power Pack, please contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-888-SIEM (7436).