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Smart Remote Services
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Smart Remote Services combine high-tech medical engineering with the most modern information technology available. Services, which formerly required on-site visits, can now be offered via data transfer. By proactively monitoring your system, we can detect deviations before problems occur. That means financial savings for you because system availability is increased. Should the need arise, you can always rely on our specialists. They help you "click by click" by accessing your hardware and software. Or they support the service engineer on-site by providing valuable information, quickly and efficiently. And that is just a brief glimpse of the new dimension in service: whether you have applications questions, want to maintain high image quality or improve productivity – be sure to take full advantage of your system's potential – with Smart Remote Services.


Please note that, due to system pre-requisitions or regional law principles, these service configurations may not be available for selected systems.

Our remote services are not limited to medical technology or medical data networks only. If you are interested in remote service solutions for IT infrastructures see IT Services.

Connectivity standards

The convenient network option:


One data connection – for all your systems
If you wish to connect several systems to the Siemens Healthineers Customer Services network, we recommend the network option: with this concept, all systems are connected to the Siemens Remote Services network via router. Internal security measures and firewalls, if indicated, provide maximum security. Sophisticated encoding concepts, increased performance and higher access speeds make the router solution the connectivity concept of the future.


The single connection concept:

Modem and telephone line for your system
Our modem package is the right solution if you only want to connect individual systems to the Siemens Healthineers Customer Services network and do not have an internal network available. Your system is connected to the Remote Services network through its own modem and telephone line.


With the help of a remote diagnostic server, one of our specialists dials into your system from the service center via the modem, provided you have granted access privileges. If permanent authorization has been granted, access is permitted to selected functions only and uninterrupted workflow is the objective.

Data security standards

Sensitive handling of sensitive data

Already during the development of Smart Remote Services, we assigned the highest priority to data security and access protection. The result: sophisticated measures focus on optimal data security – for the protection of your patients. Designed so that not a single "click" into your system can take place without your approval. Nothing may be done to your system without your knowledge.


Safe and sound: protection against unauthorized access
We prevent unauthorized access to your system through various security routines. These range from password protection and software-supported user identification to mandatory callback in order to explicitly authorize access. It goes without saying that extensive security measures are strictly maintained within our own service organization.


Reassuring: optimal protection of your patient data
In the event that the transfer of image data should become necessary, the system design automatically deletes patient-related data before any information is passed on. This is how we make sure that only the data that is important for the analysis of your medical systems is transferred. In order to prevent these types of risks, we have limited operational access: it is not possible to trigger system movement or to release radiation via remote service.

Services that help to optimize availability

Relax, Depend on Us - Optimized System Availability means Optimal Productivity

Stay informed:
Event Monitoring

Up-to-date information is a pre-requisite to responding quickly and appropriately. Event Monitoring software (Auto-reporting), installed on Siemens Healthineers systems, monitors system parameters. If a predefined value is exceeded or falls short, the system automatically sends a status message to our Customer Care Center. Of course, this is provided free of charge by utilizing a toll-free number.

Now our Support Engineer at the Customer Care Center becomes involved, evaluates the status message and initiates the appropriate action, preventively. All without affecting your patient throughput.


Save valuable time:
Remote Diagnostics and Repair

In case of unforeseen system malfunctions, we are right at your side with Remote Diagnostics. In order to identify the problem quickly, our service engineer dials into your system. Our Remote Repair function often lets us correct software errors immediately, online. Should you require an engineer on site, we are able to support him or her efficiently: Remote diagnosis allows us to identify defective parts and accelerate their delivery, thereby keeping repair times at a minimum.

Consistently brilliant images:
Remote Quality Assurance

You want to maintain the quality of your clinical images at the highest possible level. With Remote Quality Assurance, we evaluate image quality and optimize it by making adjustments to factory specifications. Upon request, we provide consistent image quality by periodically monitoring system parameters.

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