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Utilization Management
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Utilization Reports

Utilization Management (UM) helps you reap the full value of your Siemens medical systems. By delivering regular, recurring and comprehensive usage reports, UM empowers you to analyze and enhance departmental productivity. Evaluate critical usage data such as average exam time per patient and body region, mean time between patient exams, average study prep time, and more. You can even produce anonymous benchmark comparisons with similar institutions or other departments to see how well you are performing.


Siemens UM – the Key Benefits


  • Extensive equipment utilization analysis on a regular basis
  • System-specific usage data collected online
  • Patient-related data is safeguarded at all times
  • Anonymous benchmark information of systems at other facilities operating in comparable environments
  • Subject to the most sophisticated data security measures
  • Supports you in improving patient planning and scheduling
  • Accurately track consumable materials


Want to see a sample UM Report? Click here to see a real report that was generated for a hospital’s Symphony MR System.


The UM tool provides statistics on specific CT or MRI system use.


Sample Utilization Calculation:
Utilization (min.) = (average scan time + average turn over time) x number of patient exams:

Utilization in minutes = (56.2 + 41.3) x 171 = 16,673 minutes

Total number of minutes available by month = 12 hours/day x 31 days x 60
min/hour = 22,320

Scanner Utilization = Used minutes/available minutes: 16,673 / 22,320 = .75 or 75%

Basic Reports

Customers with “Basic” reporting capabilities can access monthly reports showing:


  • Number of working days and hours
  • Number of patients and patient exams
  • Average study duration
  • Mean time between patient exams
  • Average number of series per study
  • Average number of images per series
  • Total number of images

The data provided in the “Basic” report includes information on the number of patient exams by date and hour.

How can I use the Siemens UM Reporting tool?


By monitoring modality-specific data, information will be provided on workload, staffing, operating hours, volume shifts, and efficiencies. For example, the monthly report of the mean time between patient exams could provide information to a variety of operational issues specific to that scanner.

mean time between patient exams5

This information could help determine if the variation in mean time between patient exams is due to the location of the scanner, varying work load, or staffing, scheduling or patient related issues, and if there are opportunities to reduce these times.
The Basic Utilization Management Report provides efficiency metrics to calculate

Monthly average duration per patient exam56.2 minutes
Monthly mean time between patient exams (turn over time)41.3 minutes
Number of patients exams that month171 patients

UM - Advanced Reports

Advanced UM Report - provides the Basic Report information as well as information which allows you to compare your data to a benchmark. (i.e., the database’s best performer.) 

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