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Guaranteed Tube Failure Protection

The tube is a critical component of your CT system. But as a wearing part, it’s certain that the tubes will need replacing eventually. Until now, tube failures were unpredictable, causing costly disruptions in clinical workflow and patient rescheduling.


That’s why Siemens created the Guardian Program™ including TubeGuard, the industry’s first predictive technology for CT tubes – now available for SOMATOM Definition CTs.


Our patented Straton MX tubes and remote monitoring capabilities enable us to predict imminent tube failure. We immediately contact you to schedule a convenient replacement – avoiding any unplanned downtime.


We’re so confident in this technology, if one of your tubes should fail before we predict it, we’ll refund your annual cost of TubeGuard coverage.

How TubeGuard Works

Designed to monitor critical tube conditions, TubeGuard’s 10 sensors relay data in real time to Guardian engineers, using Siemens Remote Services. These sensors anticipate possible failures based on complex algorithms and forecasts of system utilization. When functionality levels reach a preset threshold, we will call you immediately to schedule a convenient replacement.

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