Discover a world of difference

Discover a world of difference

Dual Energy, clinically-tested, trusted, and proven spectral imaging

We understand that you want better clinical answers, more confident decisions, and most importantly, early diagnoses. You want a CT solution that gets it right the first time, is easy to use, and is able to serve your entire patient population.

Discover Dual Energy (DE) spectral imaging. It’s the difference between images and answers. Visualization and characterization. Qualification and quantification. Built into all of our CT scanners, it delivers powerful performance, incredible versatility for your entire patient population, and exceptional ease-of-use – all while integrating seamlessly with your current workflow.

And that is a world of difference.

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What is Dual Energy?

See how Dual Energy compares to conventional CT.

Why are healthcare leaders choosing Dual Energy spectral imaging over conventional CT? It’s simple. Dual Energy offers you everything you expect from conventional CT, transformed to deliver more value for your entire patient population.

See for yourself:

Easily visualize pulmonary embolism

Clinical Applications

See the future of healthcare.
See what truly information-rich spectral images can mean for you and your patients.

Siemens' Single Source and Dual Source Dual Energy techniques impress radiologists with their easy-to-use scan protocols, their suitability for daily clinical routine, their range of applications, and their scientific validation (more than 150 scientific publications).


Maximize image quality with Monoenergetic Plus
Allows users to display monoenergetic images for a range of 40–190 keV. By displaying multiple monoenergetic ROIs and the associated absorption curves, Monoenergetic Plus lets users easily compare and quantify lesions and tissues.
The ability to export statistical information into the file system for further evaluation is very beneficial for various research and diagnostic tasks.

virtual unenhanced

Quantify lesions with two scans in one
syngo.CT DE Virtual Unenhanced assists you in visualizing the contrast agent concentration in the liver. The basis for this approach is a material decomposition into iodine contrast agent, fat, and liver tissue. You can also create virtual non-contrast information using the Dual Energy information from fat and liver material. You can switch between these two representations of the anatomical information without the need for an additional non-contrast scan.

syngo.CT DE Direct Angio

Accurate bone removal even in complex body regions
With syngo.CT DE Direct Angio, you can overcome the limitations of conventional bone removal software. The Dual Energy approach reliably isolates even complex vasculature, for example, at the base of the skull where CTAs are difficult to interpret.

syngo.CT DE Lung Analysis

Assessment of perfusion defects and affected vessels at a glance
Perfusion defects in the lung are often caused by pulmonary embolism. The application syngo.CT DE Lung Analysis enables the color-coding of vessels that are affected, for example, by pulmonary emboli. It also allows a fast evaluation of lung perfusion defects at a glance without requiring an additional non-contrast scan.

Brain Hemorrhage
Brain Hemorrhage1

Differentiate hemorrhage from iodine-uptaking bleedings and lesions
The Dual Energy application syngo.CT DE Brain Hemorrhage assists you in visualizing iodine concentration and distribution in the brain. Lesions and bleedings may show significant iodine uptake in the image, while inactive hemorrhages are not enhanced.

syngo.CT DE Heart PBV

Reveal perfusion defects with only one scan
With syngo.CT DE Heart PBV, you can visualize the iodine concentration and distribution in the myocardium to reveal perfusion defects. In addition, you can use a virtual non-contrast display to identify myocardial edema. The simultaneous acquisition of high- and low-kV datasets diminishes the problem of misregistration due to cardiac motion.

syngo.CT DE Gout

Overcome the limitations of diagnosing gout
The diagnosis of gout is not always simple – for example, in acute cases where an aspiration cannot be performed. Nor is the uric acid concentration in the blood always a reliable indicator. syngo.CT DE Gout overcomes these limitations by quickly, noninvasively, and accurately visualizing uric acid crystals. This spares your patient a painful and stressful examination.

syngo.CT DE Calculi Characterization

Characterization of kidney stones
Kidney stones contain varying amounts of heavy atoms (for example, uric acid stones versus non-uric acid stones). Dual Energy CT can be used to perform a differentiation of these materials. With syngo.CT DE Calculi Characterization, you can visualize these chemical differences in kidney stones and use the information for your therapy decision.

Types of Dual Energy

Regardless of your unique challenges, Dual Energy spectral imaging offers a transformative CT advantage. Both Siemens Healthineers solutions help you visualize differences in the energy-dependence of the makeup of your patients, revealing critical information about anatomical and pathological structures.

Dual Source
  • During a Dual Source Dual Energy scan, two CT datasets are acquired simultaneously with different kV and mA levels, allowing you to visualize differences in the energy-dependence of the attenuation coefficients of different materials. These images are combined and analyzed to visualize information about anatomical and pathological structures.
  • Available for SOMATOM Definition Flash, SOMATOM Drive, and SOMATOM Force


  • TwinBeam Dual Energy (TBDE) allows simultaneous acquisition of high and low kV datasets in a single spectral CT scan by splitting the X-ray beam with two filters before it reaches the patient, enabling high-contrast dynamic applications
  • Available on SOMATOM Edge Plus, SOMATOM Definition Edge, and SOMATOM go.Top


While there are lots of spectral imaging solutions out there, only one is the most clinically-tested. And only Dual Energy delivers on all three critical fronts: performance, versatility, and ease-of-use for your entire patient population.

Powerful Performance

Dual Energy delivers invaluable clinical information, increased clinical confidence, earlier diagnoses, and better outcomes. Beyond visualization, Dual Energy spectral imaging characterizes lesions, allowing you to highlight, characterize, quantify, and differentiate the material in your scans.

  • Spectral Separation & Image Quality
  • Temporal & Spatial Resolution
  • Dose Neutrality (lower-equal dose vs conventional CT)
  • Temporal Coherence
  • Optimum Contrast
  • Monoenergetic Imaging
  • Electron Density and Atomic Number Maps

Incredible Versatility

Dual Energy is built into all of our CT platforms, delivering fast, confident spectral imaging for your entire patient population, and virtually any clinical application, organization, and budget. It’s always ready for the right patient at the right time, right when you need it. But, it’s not always on – instead, it offers you automation, control, and choice.

  • Available in every platform of our portfolio of CT scanners
  • Dedicated protocols and evaluation software applications for all your patients and diverse clinical applications
  • ALARA-compliance to safely scan all your patients
  • With Rapid Results technology, Dual Energy is fast, always available, and always ready in routine – providing the perfect balance of automation and control for your entire patient population and a wider range of clinical applications

Exceptional Ease-of-use

Dual Energy seamlessly integrates into your clinical routine for automated workflows, fewer repeat examinations, potentially eliminating additional followup imaging, and giving you the perfect balance of automation and control. Just define your workflow once, and get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Automated & always ready
  • In routine
  • Fast & simple
  • Always available
  • Simply, set it once

A world of difference for...


Dual Energy gives you the most information-rich, low-dose images possible, helping you provide confident clinical decisions and earlier diagnoses.

  • Earlier, faster, more precise diagnoses and better clinical outcomes
  • Treat entire patient population
  • Uncover obscure pathologies
  • Increase incidental findings
  • Benefit from dose neutral scanning
  • Optimize your potential for contrast media reduction
  • Increase your potential to reduce rescans and followup imaging
  • Optimize CTA scans
  • Evaluate therapy response


The future is clear, and it belongs to spectral CT. An investment in Dual Energy today, is an investment in your organization’s financial health tomorrow.

  • Earlier, faster, more precise diagnoses and better financial outcomes
  • Reduce time and costs via operational efficiencies
  • Treat entire patient population
  • Increase your potential to reduce rescans and followup imaging
  • Reduce patient stress

Referring Physicians

If your patients require a CT scan, Dual Energy is simply their safest and surest path to a better outcome.

  • Earlier, faster, more precise diagnoses and better clinical outcomes
  • Increase your potential to reduce rescans and followup imaging
  • Benefit from dose neutral scanning
  • Optimize the potential for contrast media reduction
  • Reduce patient stress

Spectral Separation & Image Quality
  • Spectral Separation & Image Quality
    o Better spectral separation for better material decomposition.
Temporal Resolution & spatial resolution
  • Temporal & Spatial Resolution
    o Better temporal resolution, with less motion artifacts present in the clinical images.
    o Better spatial resolution with sharper images (e.g. lung, bone)
    o Sharper delineation of fine structures
Dose Neutrality
  • Dose Neutrality
    o Improved image quality with equal or lower dose that conventional CT
    o Additional beam pre-filtration in conjunction with dose modulation enables dose neutral Dual Energy acquisition
    o With the latest dose reduction techniques, such as the Selective Photon Shield, ADMIRE1, and CARE Dose4D, you’ll have the right dose level for generating valuable diagnostic information at the best possible image quality.
Temporal Coherence
  • Temporal Coherence
    o Better temporal coherence results with less mismatch between high and low energy datasets.
Available across portfolio
  • Available across portfolio
    o Dual Energy is offered on the entire portfolio of Siemens Healthineers CT scanners, helping you provide better outcomes for your entire patient population – regardless of operational, financial, or clinical constraints.



  • Dedicated protocols and evaluation software application
    o Reach quick, confident answers to a wide range of clinical questions – from lung nodes to brain hemorrhage, from perfusion defects in the heart to the evaluation of a lesion's uptake. 
  • ALARA-compliant
    o ALARA compliance allows you to tap the advantages of Dual Energy with a very wide range of patients – including children as well as older, obese and fragile patients. On top of that, optimized scan protocols let you potentially scan at low contrast agent dose and flow rate.


  • Rapid Results
    o Just define your workflow once, and Rapid Results’ perfect balance of automation, choice, and control makes it fast and easy to address your entire patient population and a wider range of clinical challenges


Automated & Always Ready
  • Automated & Always Ready
    o Rapid Results will automatically generate standard visualizations of different anatomies in any required orientation and thickness.


  • In routine
    o Rapid Results helps you make DE routine, with no need to change your clinical workflow.


Fast & Simple
  • Fast & simple
    o Rapid Results knows what you need, when you need it.



  • Always available
    o Rapid Results is there whenever you need it, so you have complete control over your image acquisition


Simple, once set
  • Simply, set it once
    o Just define your workflow once, and let Rapid Results produce what you need in the background – all from a single Dual Energy scan. Automatically produced results include everything from virtual unenhanced maps, to mono-energetic images, to Lung PBV maps for pulmonary embolism assessment.

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