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Available clinical applications

With syngo.via Element CT, you can choose from a wide range of easy-to-use yet powerful applications for CT imaging across all clinical fields.

Clinical applications – the highlights

syngo.via Element CT gives you the choice of many powerful clinical applications – including the latest and most exciting innovations.

Bone Reading

syngo.CT Bone reading enhances the visualization of bones in CT datasets for more efficient diagnostic assessment. All ribs and the spine are displayed spread out in one plane, labeled and numbered to enable time-efficient reporting of potential lesion locations. What’s more, interactive features allow you to scroll and rotate images for efficient assessment of the complete anatomy.

Assessment of cardiac function

syngo.CT Cardiac Function enables more efficient reading and diagnosis of CT angiography images for the evaluation of left ventricular function. Automatic pre-processing supports left ventricular volumetry and myocardial wall segmentation of the left ventricle in all cardiac phases with no interaction, and offers a straightforward assessment of contours – ideal for congenital heart disease, severe cardiomyopathy, and similar cases. This makes it possible to carry out a full cardiac assessment in less than four minutes.

Dual Energy Imaging

syngo.CT Dual Energy¹ includes quality enhancing features such as Optimum Contrast and Monoenergetic Images for improving the contrast-to-noise ratio and reducing metal artifacts. This application allows you to customize the way images are displayed, in accordance with your needs. For example, you can separate low- and high-kV datasets into separate windows, and assign various colors for the look-up tables.

Standardize and automate image creation

Rapid Results Technology enables you to automatically generate visualizations of general vessels in various types and orientations. You can design your own personal protocols that best suit your daily work, and save time for reading other cases by letting Rapid Results Technology create just the right amount of information. Your processes become standardized, reproducible, and automated, expediting the clinical routine. This makes Rapid Results Technology very useful for educating colleagues and ensuring a consistently high quality of care.

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1Preparing and reading Dual Energy data is only possible with single-source Dual Energy images from SOMATOM Perspective.