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The new syngo.via Frontier is your gateway to an open research environment. With syngo.via Frontier you obtain direct access to novel research prototypes1 that are seamlessly integrated with your routine syngo.via system. This enables you to simply send data for evaluation and to retrieve your result images for inclusion in an ongoing research study. With the Prototype Store you can easily manage your prototypes and trigger new prototype installations. As of market introduction, Siemens provides access to a set of research prototypes in the fields of cardiovascular and Dual Energy CT. In the future, new prototypes will be made available and the range of available prototypes will be enriched by contributions from external partners. With syngo.via Frontier you obtain access to an international online community that lets you share your experiences with fellow researchers.2 Ambitious users may even design and implement own prototypes to leverage personal research endeavors.3 The syngo.via Frontier users may represent the ideal community to help you test and validate your new developments.   


The following research prototypes are available but not intended for clinical use:

Coronary Plaque Analysis

Volumetric quantification and differentiation of lipid, fibrous, and calcified plaques

The research prototype Coronary Plaque Analysis provides advanced tools to analyze atherosclerotic plaque morphology and to characterize different plaque composites, such as lipid and fibrous. This differentiation may have the potential to assess the vulnerability of atherosclerotic lesions and evaluate strategies to stabilize plaque and tailor patient-specific treatment. Furthermore, the prototype allows you to perform volumetric measurements.


Research prototypes are not intended for clinical use.

DE Rho/Z Maps

Tissue differentiation based on electron density and effective atomic number

The research prototype DE Rho/Z Maps provides advanced algorithms that achieve a direct visualization and quantification of electron density. Furthermore, the corresponding effective atomic number can be shown as a colored overlay. This advanced Dual Energy technique may lead to more reliable planning for radiation therapy and may help to reduce overexposure.


Research prototypes are not intended for clinical use.

DE Scatter Plots

Visualization of energy dependencies for analysis of material homogeneity

The research prototype DE Scatter Plots provides a novel representation of Dual Energy information: the energy dependencies of materials shown within an ROI are visualized graphically. Here, the x- and y-axes represent the low and high energies of a scan, respectively, and the pixels contained within the ROI are distributed accordingly. A mathematical fit of the resulting scatter plot and the derived gradient may help the user to classify the underlying materials and to specify the homogeneity. Furthermore, advanced statistical parameters such as variance or skewness allow the user to analyze the materials in greater detail.

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1 Prototypes are for research use only and are not intended for clinical use
2 Please visit
3 Optional