Look closer. Breast imaging with ultrasound and mammography.
Learn about our solutions for breast imaging.

Look closer. Breast imaging with ultrasound and mammography.
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Make the most of your team’s resources

Just as excellent image quality is crucial in breast care, so is an efficient workflow. That’s why Siemens ultrasound and mammography systems and reading workstations have the syngo® user interface. So if you know how to use one, you can operate them all. This translates into time savings, less training effort, and greater efficiency every day. In addition, Siemens systems use common industry standards to exchange information and images. This enables a smooth integration into new or existing infrastructures and networks. And supports seamless workflows for comprehensive breast care.

Enjoy an ergonomic design

Our systems share a focus on ergonomic design ‒ allowing you to work faster, safer, and more easily. Ergonomic features include:

  • Single Touch Positioning in mammography
  • Transducer design and one-click locking mechanism on the ACUSON S2000 ABVS ultrasound system

Integrated reading solutions for breast care

Having comprehensive information quickly at your fingertips is essential for reliable clinical decisions and successful patient outcomes. Siemens reading solutions for breast imaging ‒ syngo.Breast Care1 and syngo.Ultrasound Breast Analysis ‒ can be set up on the same workstation. This means that you save time, money, and space because you only need one reading workstation.

1syngo.Breast Care is not yet commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further information.