Early Detection

Detecting the signs of breast cancer — early

Early Detection
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Early Detection – Mammography

Proven efficiency for routine screening – with Mammography

Many women are anxious about having a mammogram.
This is why it is a primary objective to make mammography screenings more comfortable by:

  • slowing down the speed of the compression plate and automatically stopping it at the point of optimal compression for maximum image quality;
  • offering the lowest possible dose of radiation, while providing excellent image quality;
  • reducing waiting times for your patients before and during an examination thanks to an efficient workflow; and
  • making patients feel more comfortable with an appealing system design.

Images courtesy of Prof. Dr. Uhlenbrock & Partner, Dortmund, Germany

In short, patient comfort may be increased with a solution like our full-field digital mammography solution MAMMOMAT Inspiration – offering functions such as Opdose®, SoftSpeed, Opcomp® or a direct-to-digital aSe detector. The unique Moodlight provides a soft, warm environment to help make the experience of having a mammogram more comfortable for patients.