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Diagnostics – Ultrasound

Improved detection sensitivity and characterization – with Ultrasound

eSie Touch elasticity imaging
Our unique eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging is a new method that utilizes a real-time, dual imaging mode to demonstrate the simultaneous display of the standard B-mode image (composition of tissue) and the elastogram (relative stiffness) side-by-side. eSie Touch elasticity imaging is performed with a standard, high-frequency linear transducer and allows clinicians to see a new, different type of ultrasound data. The mechanical properties of tissue provide additional information enabling increased diagnostic findings and confidence.

Fatty tissue imaging

Ultrasound techniques have historically used a fixed speed of sound for all imaging, despite the fact that the speed of sound varies in different types of tissue. Siemens Fatty Tissue Imaging technology uses an optimal speed-of-sound adaptation for fatty breast tissue which corrects for phase aberration, thus increasing detail and contrast resolution, and improving boundary detection. The results are better detection and identification of subtle lesion characteristics leading to increased diagnostic confidence. Fatty Tissue Imaging is a real-time, easy-to-use, single-button solution, which is applied during the standard ultrasound exam and requires no additional time to complete the study.