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Diagnostics – Magnetic Resonance

Excellent evaluation of malignant patterns – with Magnetic Resonance

Dense breast tissue and breast implants are a major challenge when imaging breast cancer tumors in the diagnostic process; this is where Magnetic Resonance come into play. The diagnostic procedure includes not only the visualization and sizing but also the characterization and evaluation of whole-body lymph nodes. For staging and diagnosis, Magnetic Resonance offers ideal solutions. 3D imaging of the breast provides excellent information about lesions, normal and malignant tissues. All of this helps to determine the lesions extent and type.

We have complemented our MAGNETOM family with a dedicated MR breast scanner: MAGNETOM Espree – Pink, the next generation of breast MRI. Whether for diagnostics, during therapy or follow-up, the new system offers unmatched patient comfort with Pink Comfort, unique applications with Pink Applications, and an innovative workflow with Pink Workflow. In short: MAGNETOM Espree – Pink combines the open-bore design of MAGNETOM Espree and a wide range of applications dedicated to improve diagnostic confidence with the Sentinelle Vanguard for Siemens solution that offers exceptional breast imaging and biopsy capabilities. The workplaces are equipped with a great number of computer-aided tools such as syngo® BreVis for effective breast reading including BIRADS reporting and syngo BreVis Biopsy for interventional procedure planning.

Tim Technology

Our MAGNETOM systems with the standard syngo® MR Breast Suite are ideal for imaging lesions in women with dense breasts and implant imaging: dedicated protocols and techniques can help visualize lesions and breast implants. In addition, they offer our unique Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology for pristine image quality. This means you'll have superior visualization. And, you'll obtain one of the highest signal-to-noise ratios with coverage from 5 mm up to 205 cm. With iPAT acceleration in all directions, Tim also delivers accelerated acquisition speed - while still offering the high spatial resolution needed for breast diagnosis.


Images courtesy of First Hill Diagnostic Imaging Center, Seattle, WA, USA

syngo GRACE

Metabolic information can be gained with syngo® GRACE, our application for quantitative MR breast spectroscopy. Having the ability to detect metabolic changes in tissue, it may provide additional confidence as a tool for the diagnosis of breast lesions. With choline acting as a biomarker, you can gain essential information on the biochemical composition of lesions.

This information can help to determine if lesions are malignant or not - to help reduce the patient risk of unnecessary breast biopsies as well as enable an accurate assessment of the efficacy of the treatment such as chemotherapy.

syngo VIEWS

Our software solution syngo® VIEWS provides both anatomical and functional information for exact tumor and lesion staging. By stimulating the water spins, it shows excellent fat suppression and provides 3D bilateral breast imaging in submilimeter range. You benefit from full coverage of both breasts and good lateral coverage up to the axilla region at both the highest temporal and highest spatial resolution. And combining syngo VIEWS with Parallel imaging's technique (syngo® GRAPPA), you also get superb protocols for high-resolution breast scanning. Due to its isotropic voxel size, images can be easily reformatted in any desired slice orientation.