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Diagnostics – Mammography

Exact localization – with Mammography

In the diagnostic process, you need a solution for magnification and localization procedures, digital spot imaging, specimen radiography, galactography or image-guided stereotactic needle and core biopsies.

You may choose to perform diagnostic mammography and biopsies with one economical all-in-one solution. The MAMMOMAT Inspiration with stereotactic biopsy option features a fully integrated system and a highly automated workflow. The entire procedure can be controlled through the single compact-sized Acquisition Workstation that features the syngo® user interface. The biopsy unit of the Inspiration weight less than 11 pounds and is easy to handle. The needle holders are integrated into the biopsy tower. To prepare the system for biopsy, the unit is slid over the detector.

Or you may decide on a dedicated biopsy solution placing the patient in the more relaxing prone position. With our biopsy system MammoTest™, procedures are performed out of patients’ view. At the same time, however, you can maintain eye contact with your patients, and have full patient and lesion access during the procedure, thanks to MammoTest’s 360° range of gantry movement. In addition, the “Target on Scout” functionality gives you the flexibility to use the 0° image for position calculation, thus potentially reducing the number of image retakes. And its lateral arm makes MammoTest ideally suited for small breasts.