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Aftercare Magnetic Resonance

Excellent diagnostic possibilities – with Magnetic Resonance

Whether fatty or dense breasts or implants – MR systems can help detect the most subtle lesions that might otherwise go unnoticed with other clinical procedures. A comprehensive portfolio of routine and advanced software applications especially for breast cancer care increase diagnostic confidence: Showing excellent fat suppression and providing 3D bilateral breast imaging in sub-millimeter range by stimulating the water spins, our syngo VIEWS (Volume Imaging with Enhanced Water Signal), powered by Tim, provides excellent follow-up possibilities.

Physicians benefit from full coverage of both breasts to carefully monitor also the non-affected breast tissue over time and from excellent lateral coverage up to the axillary region. Fast imaging in excellent quality is delivered by syngo VIEWS in combination with syngo GRAPPA, our unique parallel imaging technique, powered by Tim. Due to their 3D isotropic voxels, both breasts can be viewed at the same time and images rotated in all directions for a more accurate diagnosis. Additionally, syngo GRACE is an ideal possibility to monitor the biochemical status of breast lesions after therapy.