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“I have been using MIYABI Angio-CT and DynaCT for almost 10 years. Having cone beam CT and MDCT in my angio suite allows me to treat hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) more safely and control e.g. bleedings in treatment of cervical cancer with more confidence."1


Hideyuki Tanaka, MD
Interventional Radiologist, Chiba Pref. Cancer Center, Chiba, Japan


Make complex cases possible

MIYABI Angio-CT may increase efficiency and safety of minimally invasive interventions requiring MDCT guidance2,3 

Clinical example 1:

Complex drainages with a narrow therapeutic window and adjacent vital structures are facilitated by combining DSA and CTI. However it is risky to place the needle in the CT suite and then transfer the patient to the angio suite.

A combined MIYABI suites allows

  • Fast and easy switching between modalities
  • No need to transfer your patient between angio and CT suite

Clinical example 2:

Successful treatment of HCC through DEB TACE highly depends on achieving complete embolization of the tumor.

MIYABI Angio-CT allows quantitative endpoint determination in DEB TACE through CT perfusion imaging.


Total Trauma Solution

In a MIYABI Angio-CT set-up trauma patients can be treated fast and efficiently without the need for repositioning when switching from CT to hybrid OR.

Clinical example:

If a trauma patients arrive in the hospital every minute counts for saving their life. Every additional repositioning increases the risk for further injuries.

Treating a trauma patient in a MIYABI Angio-CT solution means the patient can remain on the same table from diagnostics to therapy.


  • Saves time and increases patient safety by doing the trauma scan from head to toe in the CT and transfer the patient to the hybrid OR without repositioning
  • Enables highest hygienic standards for open and interventional procedures with Artis zeego’s flexible floor-mounted design
  • Further can support hygienic needs through water-cooled gantry of SOMATOM sliding gantry solutions



Customer Installations

Find examples of the MIYABI Angio-CT installed at our customers’ sites.

Image 1: MIYABI two-room installation at Taipei General Veterans Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

Image 2: MIYABI one-room installation, table 90° rotated, Hokkaido University Hospital, Sapporo, Japan

Image 3: MIYABI one-room installation, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, USA

Image 4: MIYABI one-room installation, Policlinico Oncologico, Bari, Italy




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