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The MIYABI Angio-CT suites can combine the following angiography and CT systems in a one- or two-room solution:

Switching modalities while keeping the patient on the same table

Whenever treating a patient requires the combination of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and angiography, the transfer from one modality to another includes risks and costs time. MIYABI Angio-CT combines angio and CT imaging without the need for patient transfer.

  • Fast and easy switching between CT and angio imaging as the sliding gantry of the CT system approaches the Artis- or OR-table on rails
  • Potential to increase safety of e.g. trauma patients as MIYABI Angio-CT requires no patient repositioning from diagnostics to therapy
  • In a one-room solution the SOMATOM sliding gantry CT is added to the angio suite
  • In a two-room solution angio and CT suite are connected through sliding doors

Consistent cross-sectional imaging in the abdominal area

3D guidance based on C-arm cone beam CT (CBCT) fulfills many of today’s needs in complex interventions but still can have some limitations compared to multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) when it comes to motion affected areas like the abdomen. MDCT imaging with MIYABI Angio-CT offers consistent cross-sectional imaging information in your angio lab.


  • Obtains precise information through high temporal resolution regardless of patient's breath-hold capabilities
  • Covers e.g. complete liver and feeding arteries with one scan
  • High grey-scale resolution for soft-tissue visualization with or without contrast


Increase capacity in a given space

Hospital CT scanners are often tied up by diagnostic scans. Any additional interventional procedures that require a CT scan can increase patient wait times and general dissatisfaction, not to mention delay needed patient care.


  • A one-room MIYABI solution can be set up to replace an existing angio lab in just 50 m2
  • Frees up your diagnostic CT scanner from interventional work with a combined Angio-CT suite
  • The additional 3D guidance capabilities in the combined suite allow minimally invasive treatment of patients who would otherwise have been referred to surgery or highly specialized centers 




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