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OPTIQ allows you to pre-set noise and contrast levels and automatically adjusts to your image quality preferences at low dose – no matter the patient’s BMI, C-arm angulation or procedure.

Your pre-set image quality level is maintained automatically throughout the procedure. For maximum dose efficiency, this innovative solution uses a contrast-driven technique based on automatic parametrization supported by intelligent, self-adjusting algorithms.

  • Siemens Healthineers exclusive 5-parameter-driven exposure control taken to the next level
  • SID and collimation settings are automatically taken into account
  • Constant image quality
  • Structure Scout for material- and procedure-specific imaging


Ideal femoral access

With a conventional system, up to 17 clicks may be done to perform an ideal femoral access which may take up to 90 seconds. With Case Flows, angulations are automatically reached and imaging parameters are set automatically, requiring as little as 2 clicks.

ARTIS icono floor can achieve a wide range of positions and angulations.

Motorized system positioning: optimal patient access for all procedures, including radial access. ARTIS icono floor can achieve a wide range of positions and angulations.

Third Party Broker for next-level connectivity and communication

  • Connect different systems via standard protocols and a unified interface
  • Enables research in medical engineering and the development of new and in-house applications
  • Connection to Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem 

Prof. Achenbach, MD, talks about the benefits of ARTIS icono floor for cardiovascular interventions.1

Prof. Meyer, MD, on the benefits of Case Flows for optimal imaging parameters.

Prof. Bernhard Meyer MD, Head of Interventional Radiology, Hanover Medical School, Germany

  • Transform your existing OR into a Hybrid OR with ease
  • Sufficient patient coverage is key for imaging
  • Patient obesity should not create any obstacles for imaging and surgery
  • Budgetary constraints must be met before and after installation
  • Hospital-acquired infections are creating big challenges these days and must be addressed by a modern system

Installation costs of a typical Hybrid OR. ARTIS icono floor is the budget-friendly solution for Hybrid ORs. This versatile system requires practically no effort for ceiling construction or special floor preparation.

ARTIS icono floor is the cost-efficient way to turn your existing OR into a hybrid operation room. Highlights include full tableside integration, fully motorized movements of the C-arm to all imaging positions and angulations. ARTIS icono floor has a small footprint (technically starting at 269 sq. ft.) and is designed for easy installation.

  • Full feature set for vascular interventions, e.g peripheral diagnosis and stenting like TAVR, (F)EVAR, MitralClips
  • Integration with Sensis® Vibe
  • Multimodality imaging for complex treatments


Image patient up to 6.8 feet tall with ARTIS icono floor – including ‘head first’ peripheral imaging. You can use armboards for brachial access, and switch smoothly from imaging to surgery without repositioning your patient.

ARTIS icono floor offers a full motorized movement of the C-arm to image 6.8 feet in patient direction plus a simple transition from imaging to surgery without the need to reposition the patient. Peripheral imaging of tall patients is possible in the “head first” position. The extended parking position delivers comfortable patient transfers, and you can transfer quickly to the emergency position whenever the need arises.

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