ImageScapes Patient Experience
Customized environments for positive patient experiences

ImageScapes Patient Experience
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Patient experience has never been more important, with reimbursement directly linked to how patients experience care

Create unique, thoughtfully inspired environments designed to add value to your patients’ experience in your facility - with Siemens ImageScapes.™

The Siemens ImageScapes™ customized thematic environment includes:

  • colorful, maintenance-free wraps for your imaging systems and/or walls
  • artistically designed, three-dimensional sculpted coverings to transform your imaging equipment, including MR and CT systems
  • tranquil sounds
  • inviting aromatherapy
  • tasteful décor
  • interactive education on imaging exams, tailored to specific patient audiences (ie, pediatrics, women’s health)

Together, these elements can calm and comfort patients of all ages, and help ease friends and family members accompanying patients to their exams.

With ImageScapes customized environments, you can create more positive patient experiences that help reduce stress and anxiety, while improving patient - and staff satisfaction.

ImageScapes featured on Supersign in Times Square, NYC!

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