ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound System
Personalising ultrasound scanning around the patient and the sonographer

ACUSON Sequoia
ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON Sequoia™ ultrasound system has been designed to address industry challenges in ultrasound imaging from reducing sonographer scanning injuries, reducing repeat scans and referrals to other modalities while improving diagnostic confidence across patient populations and clinical settings.

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Making scans easier for Sonographers

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Relevant clinical tools to help Clinicians or Radiologists make an informed diagnosis

Relevant clinical tools to help Clinicians or Radiologists make an informed diagnosis

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Assist Department managers or EBME optimally run their Ultrasound

Assist Department managers or EBME to optimally run their Ultrasound

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What unique technologies make scans’ easier for Sonographers on ACUSON Sequoia?

Gesture detecting transducers

With our unique multi-touch sensors, you can easily double tap anywhere on your transducer to activate it and start scanning.

InFocus Imaging

No need to adjust the focal point of the scan throughout the entire field of view, from the near field to the far field, in real-time, resulting in faster scan time without compromising frame rates and resolution

Which relevant clinical tools assist a Clinician or Radiologist in making an informed decision with the ACUSON Sequoia?

DAX – Deep Abdominal Transducer

  • DAX allows you to diagnostically scan up to 40cm which makes it perfect for your high BMI patients. It has the potential to reduce follow-up exams to MRI or CT, and reduces the need for repeat scans.
  • DAX - a transducer so unique we had to give it, its own name.
  • DAX was designed to work in all advanced modes including shear wave elastography, contrast enhanced ultrasound, and fusion.

Shear Wave Elastography

  • Uses acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) technology of diagnostic ultrasound to induce tissue displacement in a 2D image qualitatively map and quantitatively measure shear velocity for selected points within the region of interest in m/s and kPa.
  • With the DAX transducer you can measure pSWE up to 14 cm allowing you to use this technology on high BMI patients as well.
  • Compatible with abdominal, linear and DAX transducers.

How do digital tools assist a Radiology Manager or EBME to optimally run their ultrasound machine and department?

eSie Link – real-time remote assistance

Communicate in real-time with technical experts from Siemens Healthineers to resolve issues right away and to receive any additional training support with secure remote desktop sharing.


Improve proficiency, and clinical outcomes with an e-learning experience that can be tailored to meet varying skill levels and professional goals - anywhere, anytime, from any device. PEPconnect provides access to all online and virtual training documentation, with a growing number of wide variety of ACUSON Sequoia specific relevant courses.


LifeNet is an online portal that allows you to manage the performance and maintenance of your Siemens Healthineers equipment 24/7. Giving you full control at all times, it enables you to plan ahead, monitor efficiently and manage effectively.

You don’t have to change the way you work to fit the ACUSON Sequoia, the system will fit you.

Clinical images you can expect from your ACUSON Sequoia

Sagittal midline image of the liver and inferior vena cava utilizing the single crystal 5C1 transducer with InFocus Coherent Imaging technology.
The ACUSON Sequoia offers three times the sensitivity of conventional ultrasound systems. Using the color Doppler energy mode, the renal perfusion is displayed in exquisite detail.
The improved signal to noise ratio is clearly seen in this abdominal 2D SWE image on the ACUSON Sequoia
Point share wave elastography (pSWE) allows for quick, accurate and reproducible measurements of liver stiffness with the ACUSON Sequoia. With the DAX you can measure pSWE up to 14cm
Contrast enhanced ultrasound allows for detailed real time visualization of vessel morphology that CT and MRI cannot provide
Contrast imaging using a peak hold is good for lesions with low blood flow or determining the fill pattern of a lesion. It layers (“persists”) contrast agent on one image for a user controlled amount of time.
ACUSON Sequoia powers an acquisition rate equivalent to 40 mins of 4K streaming video per second. This enables fast integration of even the most data intensive applications.
Image of supraspinatus tendon (rotator cuff) with the 18L6 transducer
Image uniformity throughout the field of view of this thyroid image with improved contrast and spatial resolution
eSie Touch elastography provides a simple and qualitative measure of lesion stiffness relative to the surrounding tissues.
This sagittal color and Doppler image of the common carotid artery demonstrates a new high-powered platform to reduce color flash artifacts and automatically adjusts the PW Doppler upon freeze.
Complete fill of posterior tibial vessels in the calf utilizing the “color only” Doppler mode. The system can be customized to unique flow states and offers built-in anatomy-specific settings.
A sagittal image of a retroverted uterus using the 9EC4 transducer with a tint, showing exquisite detail and contrast resolution throughout the field of view.