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Siemens Healthineers Education and Workforce Services.

The gap between the number of patients and the number of skilled clinical staff available is becoming ever wider. To keep offering high-quality patient care, healthcare providers need to deliver optimal clinical outcomes.

Your clinical, operational, and workforce excellence is our priority. That’s why we created a space for you to grow both knowledge and skills – filled with tools and applications that provide holistic learning experiences. In addition, we provide access to experts and skilled staff who support you in your daily business and share their knowledge with you. Draw on our expertise, agility, quality, innovation, and passion for healthcare education and workforce support – to transform care delivery and improve patient experience with well-trained, committed caretakers.

94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.3

93% of education professionals agree that a personalized approach to learning would be more beneficial for learners than conventional models.1

86% of people state that learning in the flow of life is very important.2

Our passion 

Our passion about healthcare education and workforce solutions allows you 

to be passionate about patient care.

You will experience education that is state-of-the-art – because it is made by our people for your people. we believe that education is key – you will benefit from our personal education experiences remain confident that we are investing in an important investment – human capital your staff will feel confident when they have the skills to perform what they are passionate about: patient care
Our Expertise in Education

Our expertise - we know education inside-out 

Learn from our certified experts who understand your technical and clinical needs

  • optimize your clinical and operational workflows
  • increase your staff’s potential
  • focus on one of your largest investment, your human capital
  • relay on us, as your trusted partner

Our passion for agility

Our agility - we constantly evolve

You will have a partner by your side who understands how you are evolving – and keeps the pace.

  • increase employee satisfaction with personalized solutions – from education to workforce
  • increase your employee retention by employing learning solutions that meet your staff’s lifelong needs
  • optimize your skills development with education that meets your schedule
  • optimize your staff operations and financial outcomes 

our Quality

Our quality - Education quality is in our DNA

The education of your teams is taken care for – in a highly personalized yet standardized way. easy access to education designed to meet your staff’s learning style and needs increase retention and skills with education developed by experts support compliance with education designed in accordance with your regulatory guidelines

Experience reports

Whether you are a trainer, learner, or staff manager – education is a key topic that concerns everyone. Many of your colleagues around the world are already gaining interactive learning experience with our education solutions. Find out what they think.4

Pillars of learning 

What how and when to learn

It is our belief and philosophy that education needs to be tailored to a learner’s individual needs. In addition, education should offer different ways of learning – adapted to the content and a learner’s preferences. And education should fit a learner’s busy work schedule and span the entire career from being a student to retirement. Only then can education be successful.

From the time of installation, through upgrades and support – 

we are at your side with the education you need.


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