Biograph mCT eco
A wide bore and more.

Biograph mCT eco
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Expand your potential with Biograph™ mCT eco - through a higher standard of imaging and greater clinical flexibility, you can serve more patients and grow your business.

Leverage an open design

Streamline user experience and address a broader patient population with design purposefully built on our key technology.

The changing healthcare landscape calls for state-of-the-art medical systems - ones that can accommodate a broader patient population, offer expansion into new service lines like radiation therapy, minimize rescans due to patient motion, reduce patient discomfort and deliver a streamlined user experience to give staff more time to spend with each patient.

Biograph mCT eco Flow’s design addresses these needs today for success into the future. A large 78 cm bore, short 135 cm tunnel and 227 kg (500 lb) table capacity support the examination of a heavier patient population, allow for easier patient positioning, offer space for additional therapy accessories and help increase patient comfort.

Move your business forward

Evolve your business with the changing healthcare market with our scalable PET/CT platform that opens doors to new opportunities and helps to maximize and protect your investment for the future.

The changing healthcare market has introduced increasing cost pressures, reimbursement cuts and the need to attract more referring physicians and patients. Biograph mCT eco is configured to address challenging patient situations, giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on investment. A remarkably scalable PET/CT platform, it’s designed to evolve with your business, helping you to attract referrals now and well into the future by doing more in radiology with true dual-use, expand into new service lines like radiotherapy planning or cardiology.

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1Based on volumetric resolution available in competitive literature for systems greater than 70 cm bore size. Data on file.