Siemens Healthineers makes high-end X-ray technology more affordable

Multix Impact C
Siemens Healthineers completes its Multix Impact platform with the new ceiling-mounted Multix Impact C, introducing unique, high-end features at a more economical price
  • New ceiling-mounted X-ray device Multix Impact C completes the Multix Impact family
  • myExam Companion helps technicians of every experience level achieve consistently high image quality
  • Auto Collimation of full-spine and long-leg exams enables optimal radiation dose

Siemens Healthineers completes its Multix Impact platform with the new ceiling-mounted Multix Impact C, which is joining the established floor-mounted Multix Impact. Multix Impact C introduces unique, high-end features to this family at a more economical price. Its design makes it easy to use due to a highly integrated interaction of software and hardware: Data from an integrated camera is used by the AI-based user-assisting software myExam Companion to automatically collimate the region of interest for long-leg and full-spine imaging. In the past, this process had to be performed manually. myExam Companion does this automatically, reducing exam time for the technician and potentially radiation dose for the patient. The automatically collimated area can be adjusted, if necessary. The image from the same camera also shows a live view of the patient – eliminating unnecessary retakes as the technologist can check that the patient has not moved just before the image acquisition.

“Multix Impact C with myExam Companion enables technicians of any experience level to consistently obtain high-quality images. Along with the highly intuitive user interface, these features mean that only about ten hours of training are needed to familiarise technicians with the system. This is especially important for institutions that provide many daily routine examinations and have problems attracting experienced staff. Organisations that are already using a product in the Multix Impact family can expect less retraining effort, because the system’s controls, interfaces, and detectors are the same,” states Jo Barry, X-ray Products Business Manager at Siemens Healthineers GB&I.