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syngo Virtual Cockpit

Lucern Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) in Switzerland virtually shares in-house expertise across teams and sites with syngo Virtual Cockpit.

Syngo Carbon

Syngo Carbon co-creation with Prof. Cavallaro.

Advanced Visualization

Watch the video of Dr. Julien Bruyere from the CHR de la Citadelle Liege, Belgium to find out more (Video length: 1:24). 

What is Syngo Carbon?

Many Into One

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The intelligent imaging software for multi-modality-reading.   

syngo.via Cinematic VRT

Anatomy meets cinema with Cinematic Rendering.

syngo.via OpenApps

How to optimize your workflow with OpenApps.

AI-Rad Companion

How our AI-powered solutions fit in your clinical setting

AI-Rad Companion

How multimodality decision support works

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT

syngo Dynamics

Watch this video to learn about the next generation of syngo Dynamics.   


The full spectrum of multimodal diagnostic software for mammography, MRI and ultrasound.