CAIPIRINHAHigh-resolution 3D imaging with reduced breath-hold times.

CAIPIRINHA (Controlled Aliasing in Parallel Imaging Results in Higher Acceleration) is a data acquisition technique that significantly reduces breath-holds without affecting image resolution, coverage, or contrast. It can be combined with 3D T1 VIBE (allows for SPAIR and spectral FS) or 3D Dixon (Four contrasts: in phase, opposed phase, fat, and water) in a single short breath-hold.

Features & Benefits

With CAIPIRINHA we offer an innovative technology to help you get the diagnostic information you need from patients with limited breath-holding capabilities without a compromise in image resolution, coverage, or contrast.


  • Dedicated sampling pattern to distribute k-space points more uniformly
  • Improved algorithm for reconstruction of datasets


  • Single digit breath-holds possible for 3D T1 exams
  • Higher SNR enables higher spatial resolution
  • Higher PAT factors enabled with excellent image quality
  • Reduced patient stress and increased patient compliance


General Requirements

  • MAGNETOM Prismafit
  • MAGNETOM Avantofit 
  • MAGNETOM Skyrafit
  • MAGNETOM Amira
  • MAGNETOM Sempra
  • MAGNETOM Avanto
  • MAGNETOM Verio
  • Biograph mMR

syngo MR VD13
syngo MR VD14

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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