MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray

MAX – Multiple Advances in X-ray
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One user interface – the cornerstone of MAX usability

With one user interface for all MAX systems the user is immediately familiar with the mode of operation. More than 1000 organ programs (combinations of system positions, exposure and post-processing parameters) allow image impression and workflow to be standardized according to the users’ needs. This means faster operation, fewer mistakes and up to 50% reduction in training time.


MAX image chain – the key to MAX image quality

Our reproducible high MAX image quality is based on a unique image chain. It consists of the MAX detectors and the highly advanced DiamondView Plus postprocessing which is specifically adapted to every imaging situation. Across the modalities users also benefit from MAX wi-D’s built in handle, greater positioning accuracy provided by MAXalign and the right size of MAX mini.



Swapping wireless detectors to another MAX system within 30 seconds can reduce the investment needed for high imaging versatility and a sound detector backup solution. With MAXswap you can achieve a new level of utilization within the radiology department.


More-in-1 efficiency

The combination of full radiographic and fluoroscopic versatility in one MAX system like Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max or Multitom Rax opens up previously unknown possibilities for balancing the examination workload within the department – with the same high image quality and reading efficiency. You can save rooms, save time and save money.


Fast, safe and consistent automation

The automation of system movements and workflows supports standardization, reduces errors and saves time. MAX systems share the same concepts for fast and safe automated workflows and consistent use of control elements.


CARE for dose

With the CARE features of every MAX system it is easier than ever to follow the ALARA principle – in a standardized way to achieve greater satisfaction for patients, radiologists and management.


Integrated quality management

All MAX systems provide reliable data on dose applied, exposure levels and reject rates necessary to demonstrate high quality standards and easily drive the improvement of standardization, savings and satisfaction based on data.


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