Helen SmithMI Clinical Application Specialist

Helen Smith

I carry out applications training on newly installed PET/CT, SPECT and SPECT CT systems. Refresher training on existing systems, software upgrade training, troubleshooting and supporting relevant conferences and meetings.

I have worked clinically in Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT for many years and have always enjoyed training staff. I am a person that needs to know how and why so: “it just does” is not a good enough answer for me! I wanted to expand my knowledge on the different systems and fully understand the capabilities of the scanners and the associated software.

I can either be on site for a day performing refresher training, or out for a week training staff on a newly installed PET or SPECT system. Some days I will be working from home supporting customers remotely or participating in training to bring myself up to date with the latest system and software developments.

Spending time with customers, training them on a newly installed systems and watching them grow in confidence using it. It’s great to see them enjoying the training itself and passing their newly found knowledge on to their colleagues.

No two days are ever the same and there is always something new to learn (or teach!). I get to train on the latest systems and share my knowledge and enthusiasm. I also visit customer sites all over Great Britain and Ireland and have made many friends along the way. Variety really is the spice of life!